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These K-Pop Idols Have Out Of This World Fashion

These K-Pop Idols Have Out Of This World Fashion

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 08.19.19 | 06:21AM EDT

K-Pop idols love dressing up not only on stage but also off-duty. We can say that most of them own a wardrobe that is as big as a house.


Tips for Achieving Glass Skin from Your Favorite K-pop stars

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 06.12.19 | 11:19AM EDT

Korean Skincare products used by Kpop Idols was popular these days, especially how to achieve glass skin among fans. See below beauty regimen and see for your self.


tvN Asia Get It Beauty On the Road Returns to Malaysia For a 2nd Season

Press Conference 04.24.19 | 08:38AM EDT

Korean TV Personality Kim Jung Min . welcomes K-beauty expert, Kim Ki Soo and Malaysia's model turned TV Presenter, Nadiyah Shahb to explore beauty and wellness tips tailored for Hari Raya

EXO-CBX Jelly Magazine

EXO-CBX Introduces Japan To Their Brand Of Style In Jelly Magazine Cover

Breaking News 05.13.17 | 11:54AM EDT

After the success their latest Japanese single "Ka-CHING", EXO-CBX will grace the cover of July's edition of the popular Jelly magazine in Japan.

How Taeyeon Maintains Her Natural Beauty

How Taeyeon Maintains Her Natural Beauty Over The Years Is Priceless: Girls’ Generation Leader Still Looks Sexy Without Showing Some Skin

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 04.21.17 | 05:29AM EDT

Taeyeon just shared the secrets behind her eternal gorgeous look. Obviously, diet is one of the secrets.

Song Ji Hyo poses for Banila.co.

Song Ji Hyo to host new JTBC2 show 'Song Ji Hyo’s Beauty View'

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 12.12.16 | 04:52AM EST

See the beautiful side of Song Ji Hyo in upcoming new JTBC 2 show "Dubbed as one of the most beautiful stars in Korea, Song Ji Hyo will redefine what "beauty" is in her new show on JTBC2 entitled "Song Ji Hyo's Beauty View." Song Ji Hyo has recently finished her drama in JTBC, "My Wife is having an Affair this Week," alongside actor Lee Sun Gyun and now she will be returning not with drama but with a beauty show showcasing and flaunting her secret beauty regimens. According to All Kpop, "Song Ji Hyo's Beauty View" will be different from other beauty shows as Ji Hyo will be having one-on-one discussions with South Korea's beauty experts and top trendsetters. It will also have a more personal vibe compared to other shows since Ji Hyo herself will share some tips. The producers even shared that Ji Hyo self-admitted that she is pretty new to hosting beauty shows despite being a brand ambassador of different skin care products. Fans can expect that in the show, Ji Hyo will also ask her personal concerns about beauty that viewers can really relate to. Many people have seen the different sides of Ji Hyo. She is more elegant in her dramas, and she is more relaxed and outgoing on variety shows like "Running Man" where she is a permanent member. Although Ji Hyo rarely dons makeup especially on "Running Man," her co-hosts testified that Ji Hyo is really a natural beauty. It can be recalled that on one of the episodes of the said hit variety show, Kim Jong Kook's plastic surgeon brother guested and proved that Ji Hyo is one of the actresses in South Korea who have the perfect face proportion making her one of the most beautiful actresses. Male guests on the show cannot hide their fascination with Ji Hyo's beauty such as ZE:A's Dong Joon, actor Park Seo Joon, and 2AM's Seulong. Even her former co-members Gary and "Descendants of the Sun" actor Song Joong Ki agreed that Ji Hyo is indeed one of the prettiest stars in Korea. "Song Ji Hyo's Beauty View" will start airing on January 19 next year. Stay tuned for more updates only here in Kpop Starz. Song Ji Hyo's Beauty Show."

be the skin cream

Best Korean Moisturizers For Dry Skin

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 05.22.16 | 10:51PM EDT

The cure to dry skin isn't just layering on tubs full of moisturizer -- it's using healthy and efficient moisturizers like these from leading Korean brands.

Belif display at Sephora in NYC

Best Korean Moisturizers For Oily Skin

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 05.15.16 | 11:40AM EDT

Oily skin needs moisturizing, too! Here are some of the best moisturizers to come out of Korea.

jihyun banana

Get That K-Pop Look: Jihyun's Fun Banana Maxi

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 05.11.16 | 06:30PM EDT

You're not going to find a more fun outfit for summer than this one.

hyun bin the body shop commercial filming

Best Korean Beauty Products for Men

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 05.02.16 | 01:40AM EDT

Men may not have the same societal pressures to look young and glowing that women do, but their skin needs attention, too. Here are some of the best products to help keep mens skin healthy and protected.

jungyeon in cheer up music video

Get That K-Pop Look: Jungyeon's Netflix and Chill Outfit From 'Cheer Up' Music Video

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 05.13.16 | 04:20PM EDT

Sometimes you just need a comfy outfit that's a bit more nice -- but just as chill -- as sweats.

APink memory day

Get That K-Pop Look: APink's Festival Ready Outfits

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 04.24.16 | 11:05AM EDT

It's time for looking cute while traipsing around large fields looking to music. Need inspiration? Get it here from APink.

missha essence

Best Korean Essences

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 04.24.16 | 11:05AM EDT

The essence is a little misunderstood in the Western beauty world. Need a refresh? Check out these stellar essences for every skin type.


Get That K-Pop Look: Hyosung's Gold Dance Number

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 04.24.16 | 11:06AM EDT

Hyosung knows how to put together a metallic dance outfit, and you can too.

whamisa toner

Best Korean Toners To Check Out

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 04.10.16 | 09:30AM EDT

Toners play an important role in the Korean skincare routine -- one that not a lot of Western beauty addicts understand. Figure out how toners can improve your skin here.

moto jacket

Get That K-Pop Look: Hyomin's Casual Cool For Seoul Fashion Week

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 04.03.16 | 10:30AM EDT

Hyomin wears the rare outfit that's easy for you to get but also cool enough to fill in at one of the world's most rad fashion weeks.

fei mediheal mask

Breaking Down K-Beauty: Mediheal's Mask Sheets, miss A's Fei's Favorites

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 03.25.16 | 10:50AM EDT

Get the scoop on these up-and-coming masks that are a favorite of Fei.

etude house eyeshadow primer

Best Korean Eyeshadows To Try Out

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 03.21.16 | 11:15PM EDT

It's time for a Korean makeup revolution, both on the global makeup shelves and on your eyelids.

MAMAMOO At Kpop Night Out SXSW 2016 In Austin, TX - March 16, 2016 [PHOTOS]

Get That K-Pop Look: Go Casual With MAMAMOO At SXSW

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 03.20.16 | 10:30AM EDT

MAMAMOO rocked a look that was comfy, retro, and modern all at the same time -- and you can, too.

jaekyung handmade lip balm for staff

Beauty How-To: Making Homemade Cocoa Lip Balm Like Rainbow's Kim Jae Kyung

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 03.20.16 | 10:20AM EDT

Kim Jae Kyung surprised her co-workers with delectable homemade lip balm, and it's shockingly easy for you to do the same thing.

girls code galaxy

Get That K-Pop Look: Ladies' Code's Grown-Up 'Galaxy' Style

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 03.10.16 | 09:42AM EST

Ladies' Code are slowly but surely making a more mature comeback post tragedy, and their look reflects it. Get inspired by their style here.

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