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Monsta X

Monsta X, August World Tour Seoul Encore performance

Celebrities 07.03.18 | 08:26AM EDT

Boy Group Monsta X will hold the Encore concert of World Tour.

Black pink

Black Pink, K Pop Girls' First UK 'Official Trending Chart' Entry

Celebrities 06.22.18 | 09:22PM EDT

Group Black Pink's new song ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU' occupied Britain.


EXO 'Monster' Movie Break through YouTube 200 Million views

Hot Issues 06.15.18 | 02:21AM EDT

EXO's hit song "Monster" music video topped YouTube's 200 million views..


BTS, 5th anniversary, "Thank you for being with BTS"

Headlines 06.14.18 | 03:41PM EDT

The group BTS celebrated their fifth anniversary and gave their appreciation to the fans.


GOT7, Macau Concert Successful Completion

Celebrities 06.11.18 | 08:14AM EDT

GOT7 has successfully completed a solo concert in Macau.


Fans Are Enraged Over This BTS 'Copy Cat' Group In Japan

Hot Issues 06.06.18 | 09:35PM EDT

Fans Are Enraged Over This BTS 'Copy Cat' Group In Japan


SHINee 10th anniversary fan meeting held .. Original title track is released.

Hot Issues 05.26.18 | 10:41PM EDT

Group SHINee has a special meeting with the fans one day before his comeback.

Girl Friend

Girl Friend, A special live broadcast in Japan

Hot Issues 05.24.18 | 10:01PM EDT

A special live broadcast was scheduled to commemorate the debut of ‘Girl friend’ in Japan.

Monsta X

Monsta X finished the tour successfully in Japan.

Celebrities 05.22.18 | 11:32PM EDT

The Monsta X held its first Japanese live tour "PIECE", which are the 6 performances in four cities in Japan starting from Fukuoka on the 25th of last month.

Black Pink Jenny

'Cool sexy body' BlackPink Jenny

Celebrities 05.20.18 | 06:10PM EDT

Black Pink Jenny showed a sense of coolness and sexy at the same time.


SHINee Comes Back at May 28th

Headlines 05.20.18 | 05:58PM EDT

Group SHINee (SM Entertainment belonging) returns.


EXID 'Re Flower' Project

Hot Issues 05.17.18 | 08:50PM EDT

On January 17, Banana Culture Entertainment released the spoiler image of the third 'Re flower' project through the official SNS of EXID.


SHINee Comes Back at May

Hot Issues 05.03.18 | 11:26PM EDT

SHINee confirmed the comeback.

Super Junior

Super Junior Concerts Completed in Latin America ... CNN "KPOP’s biggest success"

Headlines 05.03.18 | 11:23PM EDT

The group Super Junior has finished the Latin American concert 'Super Show 7' with great success.


Winner, Budokan Japan Tour Class Finale ''Unforgettable memories”

Headlines 05.02.18 | 09:33PM EDT

Group Winner decorated the end of the Japanese tour in Tokyo Budokan with splendor.

Wanna One

Wanna One, Unit Name Fan Vote Started

Headlines 04.30.18 | 10:56PM EDT

From today (30th), 'Wanna One Go' official homepage ( will have a fan vote to determine the names of the unit.

Super Junior

Super Junior's K-pop debut on Billboard Latin chart

Headlines 04.28.18 | 08:27PM EDT

Group Super Junior is the first K pop singer to enter the US Billboard Latin chart.


f(x) Victoria, 'eye-catching pictures'

Hot Issues 04.28.18 | 08:10PM EDT

Group f (x), Victoria decorated Chinese fashion covers.


Wanna One Daniel, Lip Sync 1st ... 4 million views

Celebrities 04.27.18 | 10:32PM EDT

Daniel's lipsync on Wanna One was chosen as one of the best scene.


BTS tops 1.44 million new album orders

Headlines 04.25.18 | 08:25PM EDT

BTS 's new album "LOVE YOURSELF 轉' Tear '" has exceeded the order volume of 1.44 million domestic orders.

wanna one

Wanna One Daniel Fan cam has hit the 500 million views

Hot Issues 04.23.18 | 01:42PM EDT

KBS 'Music Bank' posted a video titled "Wanna won _ Daniel / Music Bank" on Naver cast.


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