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Sulli Showed Off 'Estee Lauder' Lip Colors For 'Marie Claire' Magazine April Issue

By Siti Fatimah | March 19, 2017 05:17 AM EDT

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Sulli for "Marie Claire" Korea April Issue. / Credit: Best Moments Ever!/YouTube

Sulli has been a hot topic when she was dating Choiza and even after she broke up. She often posted some pictures that could easily got criticized by haters. Yet, she always nails every project she has. After leafing f(x), Sulli focused more on her solo activities and recently she did photo shoot for "Marie Claire."

Reported by AllKpop, Sulli posed for "Maria Claire" magazine April issue. She was wearing various outfits and posed beautifully showing her bright smile. She was also using lip colors of "Estee Lauder" to complete the look. Her lipstick looked perfect for her with her bright pale skin.

Sulli was previously known as the visual of girl group f(x). Yet, due to some problems, she decided to leave the group back in 2015. She then decided to have her solo activities. Being in a relationship with Choiza, she looked happy and had fun having to travel sometimes. But then, her relationship ended not long ago. Yet, she still showed her bright side in front of others.

Recently, Sulli was rumored of dating G-Dragon. Fans thought that both might be dating as in the picture they were looking so close to have more than friend's relationship. Yet, YG Entertainment denied the rumor saying it was false, reported by Soompi. GD's agency stated that the artist was busy preparing his solo album. SM Entertainment, as Sulli's agency, also denied the rumor saying it wasn't true and Sulli was still single after breaking up with Choiza.

Since opening instagram account, Sulli often got haters as she often posted some photos of herself, showing bra-less outfits. Her outfits were controversial and often got critique by haters. Although still, it was the choice of Sulli to wear any that she liked. Thus, some fans are keeping their loyalty till now. Sulli's fans expect that whatever her next project is, she will get success as she is a girl with full of talents.

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