Lay Honey

EXO's Lay Shows Off Sharp yet Fluid Dance Movements in "Honey" Dance Practice Video

New Release 07.31.19 | 10:20PM EDT

It's been weeks since EXO's Lay unveiled his EP "Honey," yet it was just recently that the supergroup's main dancer and Mandopop star dropped the video of his dance practice to the album's titular title track. Clad in all white from head to toe and with the presence of six backup dancers, Lay, as always, showed off his sharp yet fluid movements while dancing to the well-praised track.

Goo Hye Sun

Goo Hye Sun's New Novel Contains Her Dating Stories

New Release 07.29.19 | 07:01PM EDT

The actress Go Hye Sun released a novel and it has her real love story chapters. Goo Hye Sun was interviewed at a café in Mapo, regarding her novel, Heart-shaped Tears on July 10th.

What's New to 2019's KCON New York!

Interviews 07.18.19 | 09:22PM EDT

What's New to 2019's KCON New York!


Top 8 Book Lover Korean Celebrities

Reviews 07.10.19 | 12:48PM EDT

Reading has many benefits. Reading is a great stress reliever. It can slow down or even prevent Alzheimer's or Dementia because it keeps the brain strong and healthy.

Top Medical Drama

The Top 7 Medical Korean Dramas that can cure your heartache

Reviews 07.18.19 | 01:34PM EDT

People often go to Korean dramas whenever they feel like they wanted to feel cheesy or in love. What are the trending Korean dramas that can surely heal your heartache? Below are the top 7 dramas that could surely heal everyone's heartache.

Stray Kids Unveil Tour Live in Newark, NJ

Stray Kids' "Side Effects" Wows Viewers with Its Astounding Performance Video

New Release 07.17.19 | 10:28AM EDT

Stray Kids has released a striking performance video for their most recent title song! Their viewers are amazed on the performace video.


What Does The Older Generation Think About Kpop

Reviews 07.18.19 | 01:11PM EDT

Kpop is widely appreciated by all fans from around the world but, what are the opinions of the older generation? Do they think people are just hype about Kpop because it is trending or is their music really just that catchy and pleasing that even if others do not understand it, they still like it.

Sulli debuts as a solo artist with

Sulli Drops ‘Goblin,’ Her First Solo Single Since Leaving f(x)

New Release 07.01.19 | 03:05PM EDT

Former f(x) member Sulli has released her debut single four years since leaving the K-pop outfit. Launched via SM Entertainment, the singer dropped “Goblin” on June 29, a mellow pop track wherein the narrator candidly talks about how she thinks others perceive her.


K-Pop On the Rise – A Look at AnimeNEXT 2019!

Reviews 06.18.19 | 03:37PM EDT

K-Pop On the Rise – A Look at AnimeNEXT 2019!


An Honest Review of Arthdal Chronicles Premiere

New Release 06.12.19 | 11:42AM EDT

An honest review of Arthdal Chronicles Premiere. Here are the top 3 likes and hates for me.


11 Reasons Why BTS's Jin Truly Owned the Worldwide Handsome Title

Reviews 06.17.19 | 09:51AM EDT

All the members of BTS agree that Jin is extremely good-looking. Fans are calling Jin the "worldwide handsome" and there is no doubt about that. Everybody believes Jin is beautiful inside and outside. His qualities are almost perfect and these make girls go crazy for him. Here are 11 reasons why Jin is truly worldwide handsome.



Old K-Pop 06.14.19 | 10:13AM EDT

K-pop has become uniquely popular nowadays. Because of its addicting melodies with inspiring lyrics, outstanding choreography, and production quality, and with stunning, charismatic artists who spend years of training, that it became known worldwide.


Ravi Kicks Off his 3rd REAL-LIVE [R.OOK BOOK] Tour in New Jersey – a Recap!

Features 06.11.19 | 04:48PM EDT

Ravi Kicks Off his 3rd REAL-LIVE [R.OOK BOOK] Tour in New Jersey – a Recap!


4 Most Popular Korean Music Videos

Reviews 06.19.19 | 04:13PM EDT

Within the K-pop industry, all of the fans are always rooting for the music videos of their idols along with their comeback since these will showcase the visuals, concepts, and story of the song or album itself. MVs were prepared and conceptualized by the production team and idols in a long span of time, in able to formulate worth-waiting videos for their fans.


KCON 2019 Japan Proves TWICE and IZ*ONE's Power In The Country

Concert / Event 05.22.19 | 08:31AM EDT

The last day of celebration solidified both girls groups' popularity in Japan.

Eric Nam offers a bright, pop tune in his newest release,

Eric Nam’s Newest Single ‘Runaway’ Credits American Pop Star Lauv as Co-Composer

New Release 05.10.19 | 11:31AM EDT

Korean-American singer Eric Nam dropped a new digital single titled "Runaway." Fresh and breezy, the track is about wanting to escape the realities of the world and longing to always be in the company of the apple of your eyes. The pop tune, which showcases the musical act's handsome vocals, is co-composed by no less than American pop star Lauv.



Interviews 05.08.19 | 11:43AM EDT



NCT 127 to 74, and Onwards – A Look at NEO CITY: USA ⏤ The Origin in Newark!

Reviews 04.26.19 | 12:58AM EDT

NCT 127 to 74, and Onwards – A Look at NEO CITY: USA ⏤ The Origin in Newark!

M.O.N.T - Will You Be My Mint?

Mint to Be: A Review of M.O.N.T.’s Will You Be My Mint? World Tour in NY

Reviews 04.18.19 | 10:41PM EDT

Mint to Be – A Review of M.O.N.T.’s Will You Be My Mint? World Tour in NY


ATEEZ Has New York Saying Their Names at The Expedition Tour 2019 in New York

Concert / Event 04.09.19 | 10:08PM EDT

Read a glimpse of what went down at The Expedition Tour 2019 in New York

KNK's Lonely Night Tour 2019 Live in New York - March 3, 2019 (PHOTOS)

KNK Has Us Feeling A Little Less 'Lonely' in NY – KNK's Lonely Night Tour 2019

Photos 03.10.19 | 03:25PM EDT

Feeling lonely without KNK? We've got you covered. Here's a recap of what happened at the New York stop of KNK's Lonely Night 2019 Tour!

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