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These K-Pop Idols Have Out Of This World Fashion

These K-Pop Idols Have Out Of This World Fashion

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 08.19.19 | 06:21AM EDT

K-Pop idols love dressing up not only on stage but also off-duty. We can say that most of them own a wardrobe that is as big as a house.

KCON Fashion

KCON 2019 NY, or Seoul Fashion Week? – 15 Eye-Catching Fits from KCON!

Fashion & Style 07.27.19 | 10:55AM EDT

KCON USA presented by Toyota, as the world's largest Korean culture convention and music festival, is an unapologetic celebration of all things Korean - and one of the most significant and celebrated parts of Korean culture is Korean fashion.


Kpop idols and their Luxury Brands Match

Fashion & Style 06.26.19 | 10:10AM EDT

The Kpop idols exude not only talent but also elegance and beauty. And with that being said, a lot of luxury brands are getting Korean Artists to showcase, model and promote their brands.


Tips for Achieving Glass Skin from Your Favorite K-pop stars

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 06.12.19 | 11:19AM EDT

Korean Skincare products used by Kpop Idols was popular these days, especially how to achieve glass skin among fans. See below beauty regimen and see for your self.


Shipping Culture in Fandoms

Fashion & Style 06.14.19 | 10:15AM EDT

For most Kpop fans, the shipping of idols whether boy to girl, girl to girl and boy to boy, is no longer an unfamiliar culture. It has become a phenomenon that most fans either enjoys or despises. It has become a concept that slowly plays an essential role in fandom activities.


DAY6 Shares About Their Music Style, Favorite Genres, Production Process, And More

Fashion & Style 06.17.19 | 08:21AM EDT

DAY6 had an interview with online music magazine IZM, where each member talked about their music genres, style of music, production process, and others.

NCT 127 - Neo-City World Tour Live in Newark

The Concept of NCT 127

Fashion & Style 06.19.19 | 04:15PM EDT

The newest, but not that new, boy group of SM Entertainment is NCT and this stands for Neo Culture Technology, which debuted last 2016. Though they are already in the K-pop industry for quite a while now and having tours across different countries, most of the people still haven't fully understand the concept behind this group, especially when this consists of different sub-units that has their own style and members.


Hirai Momo of Twice is Undeniably Gorgeous in this Selca Picture!

Fashion & Style 06.05.19 | 09:21AM EDT

Selca, or self-camera, is a term popularly known among K-pop fandoms. Many K-pop artists have taken their fair share of selfies throughout their career. Meanwhile, Hirai Momo, a member of Twice, has taken a selfie together with her band member, and Once praised the Twice member for her cute expressions on the camera. Curious? Take a look at the picture provided.

Lisa's mysterious bangs

Lisa's Mysterious Bangs

Fashion & Style 05.06.19 | 09:06AM EDT

A lot of people are wondering as to how Lisa manages to keep her bangs in place, they are desperate to know the secret. A lot of fans are thinking maybe she is using super glue, hairpins, fake stick on or even tattoos that is why even if she moves a lot, her bangs will still be steady.


tvN Asia Get It Beauty On the Road Returns to Malaysia For a 2nd Season

Press Conference 04.24.19 | 08:38AM EDT

Korean TV Personality Kim Jung Min . welcomes K-beauty expert, Kim Ki Soo and Malaysia's model turned TV Presenter, Nadiyah Shahb to explore beauty and wellness tips tailored for Hari Raya


AOA Mina’s Released Pictorial

Fashion & Style 04.09.18 | 11:19PM EDT

Girl group AOA Mina revealed a beauty pictorial.

wanna one

MCM unveils full-scale casual fashion pictures with Wanna One

Fashion & Style 03.15.18 | 09:16PM EDT

On March 15, MCM unveiled a fashion picture showcasing a casual look with Group Wanna One's global fashion trend youth culture.


Lee Hyori is the Queen of Summer in "The Star" Photoshoot

Fashion & Style 06.30.17 | 08:45AM EDT

Lee Hyori is the Queen of Summer in "The Star" Photoshoot

Sandara Park Dara TV

Sandara Park Teases Upcoming Youtube Channel 'Dara TV'

Breaking News 06.20.17 | 03:55PM EDT

Sandara Park teases wat's in store for her upcoming youtube channel in an Instagram post.

Park Shin Hye 2017 Asia Tour Flower of Angel

Park Shin Hye Kicks Off '2017 Asia Tour Flower of Angel' Fan Meetings In June; All Proceeds Go To Charity

Breaking News 05.24.17 | 08:49AM EDT

"The Heirs" actress Park Shin Hye is all set to embark on her Asian tour next month to hold fan meetings in different countries beginning June 10. The actress has named her tour "2017 Asia Tour Flower of Angel".

BTS Billboard Music Awards 2017

BTS Makes History For K-pop With Top Social Artist Win At Billboard Music Awards

Breaking News 05.22.17 | 10:01AM EDT

BTS put K-pop on the world map and represented the industry well at the Billboard Music Awards when they took home the prize for Top Social Artist. BTS proved their mettle by winning the award against popular superstars like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grade, Selena Gomez and Shawn Mendes.

EXO-CBX Jelly Magazine

EXO-CBX Introduces Japan To Their Brand Of Style In Jelly Magazine Cover

Breaking News 05.13.17 | 11:54AM EDT

After the success their latest Japanese single "Ka-CHING", EXO-CBX will grace the cover of July's edition of the popular Jelly magazine in Japan.

Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo Is A Vision In Pink Bottega Veneta At Hong Kong Fan Meeting

Breaking News 05.12.17 | 11:47AM EDT

Gong Yoo did not need to do anything in his Hong Kong fan meeting but stand on stage to make his fans' hearts flutter but the "Goblin" did one better when he showed up in stylish outfits that would put magazine models to shame. The thousands of fans who attended the event at the sold out AsiaWorld-Expo were not disappointed.

Han Chae Young looking beautiful wearing TWICE's outfit on

Han Chae Young Looked Like A Cheerleader Wearing TWICE's Tzuyu's Outfit On 'Sister's Slam Dunk' Recent Episode

Breaking News 04.22.17 | 07:49AM EDT

Han Chae Young was a beautiful cheerleader wearing TWICE's outfit on "Sister's Slam Dunk." Check out the details here!

How Taeyeon Maintains Her Natural Beauty

How Taeyeon Maintains Her Natural Beauty Over The Years Is Priceless: Girls’ Generation Leader Still Looks Sexy Without Showing Some Skin

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 04.21.17 | 05:29AM EDT

Taeyeon just shared the secrets behind her eternal gorgeous look. Obviously, diet is one of the secrets.

HyunA for Cosmopolitan Korea

HyunA Pose for Cosmopolitan's May Issue, Shares A Bit of Her Beauty Secret: HyunA Joins Co-Ed Group 'Triple H'

Fashion & Style 04.20.17 | 05:22AM EDT

Hyuna posed for Cosmopolitan Korea's May issue and share a bit of her beauty secrets.

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