50 Most Beautiful And Popular Girls In K-Pop

By Julia Manuel | June 15, 2018 01:02 PM EDT



K-Pop girls are known for their combined talents of singing and dancing that can easily mesmerize viewers. They also have noticeably and undeniably radiant skin and charming faces.

There is no doubt that the Korean pop genre has made quite a huge impact after its rise saw many groups that offer unique hits after hits. That's why there has been a lot of K-Pop groups sprouting every now and then, and thanks to the home country's unrelenting efforts to hone skilled and talented individuals, most groups never fail to impress the public.

For the past years, K-Pop has been noticeably gaining popularity even more, with songs making their way to hit charts every so often. Of course, this is thanks to the loyal fan base of every group there is, not just from Korea or Asia but also all over the world. But wait, most of the lyrics in these songs are in Korean, so how can they possibly tap a wider audience without even having to use the universal language to express the meaning?

It is precisely this that can be a marker that there is a rise of K-Pop all over the world. The language barrier is no more, and fans have learned to understand the songs' meaning through learning Korean bit by bit or just by merely listening over and over again. More than this, fans have learned to somehow know the Korean culture.

The public was easily hooked in K-Pop songs, probably because the genre offered something new to the ears and basically because it was different. Something unheard of, something people can't understand, these may have played a factor in getting people's attention in decoding the songs.

There is a reason K-Pop groups have poked through the international scene. Apart from their talent, they stand out from the rest of international musicians because of their style and impeccable sense of fashion. This list is a humble collation of the beautiful women of K-Pop who are excelling in their own.

There are undeniably many gorgeous performers from this field, but here are 50 beautiful women in K-Pop who are head-turners. Some are currently members of girl groups, and others have left their groups as a choice to pursue their solo careers.

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