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KNK Has Us Feeling A Little Less 'Lonely' in NY – KNK's Lonely Night Tour 2019

By Kaitlin Cunanan | March 10, 2019 03:25 PM EDT


On Mar. 3, KNK headed to the Warsaw in Brooklyn for the New York stop of their Lonely Night Tour. Even despite the winter storm, both the crowd and stage were on fire that night - Tinkerbells showed up in full force to give KNK their love.

Not only was the New York show the last stop on their tour, it was also the third anniversary of KNK's debut. Prior, Tinkerbells organized to shout "Happy Anniversary!" loudly at the stage, showing off a coordination that later came through again for all of KNK fanchants. 

KNK opened with their recent comeback "Lonely Night," followed by "Feel So Good." With their sultry black and white outfits, they looked like they came off of the runway and straight onto stage, having us feeling so good.

KNK followed up with self-introductions, with Tinkerbells sending lots of love to Heejun, Jihun, Inseong, Seoham, and Dongwon. After their self-introductions, they acknowledged their third anniversary and cutely sang 'Happy Birthday' along with Tinkerbells. They even showed off their vocals (of course!), ending the song with some sweet harmonizations. Happy 3rd Birthday, KNK!

They followed up with "Rain," "Day by Day," and "What Do You Think?" During these sweet vocal songs, KNK took the time to absorb the loving atmosphere and send love back to their fans via lots of hearts and smiles.

Another talk came next: Heejun revealed that he's been doing a 'Decibel Test' throughout the tour, ranking how loud each stop could get. Clearly, they saved the best for last: when New York made noise, all of KNK had shocked looks on their faces from the sheer power.

Before KNK ended their talk, a fan shouted, "Let's get it!". KNK echoed back the greeting, shouting "LET'S GET IT!" (Heejun excitedly followed up with the Shoot Dance, and the Nae Nae). KNK were pumped up, now ready to hit the stage for "Sun.Moon.Star.," "Propose," "Gone," and "Back Again." They really did 'get it', especially where Tinkerbells were able to show off their mastery of the "Back Again" fanchants.

For their next talk, KNK discussed what they did during their personal time on tour:

Dongwon and Seoham got drinks together, while Inseong, Heejun, and Jihun rested and slept at their hotel. They also commented on how "Day By Day" was composed by the members, Jihun and Heejun in particular. Jihun showed off the dance he had choreographed himself - he was bashful, even though his moves proved he was a dance king (the audience, with their cheers, agreed). KNK ended the talk by announcing the special stages to follow and Heejun shouting, "Let's get it!" yet again.

When KNK said they thought Tinkerbells would enjoy their special stages, they were absolutely right! KNK performed EXO's "The Eve," showing off their sexiness, charisma, and incredible stage presence - and did I mention, sexiness? Special shout out to Heejun, who couldn't keep his tongue in his mouth during his center parts, much to everyone's distress.

For the next special stage, Heejun, Dongwon, and Inseong sat down for a soulful cover of Justin Bieber's "As Long As You Love Me", showing off their vocal power. Jihun held a dance solo stage after to Justin Bieber's "I'll Show You" - he really did show us, filling the stage with his charisma and sharp moves.

After the special stages, KNK held a giveaway, picking out ticket numbers for fans to win their signed photo cards. When one fan found out she won, she started crying -KNK cutely and sweetly told her not to cry, showing how much their fans care for them, and how much they care for Tinkerbells in return. Of course, a ment wouldn't be complete without Heejun shouting "Let's get it" - this time, he counted off "1, 2, 3..." so the entire venue could shout and get pumped up together.

Here's what made the New York stop the most special of them all: while KNK were performing "Beauty," the lights suddenly turned off. Tinkerbells held up their banners, staff came out with a cake, and the venue played a celebratory "Congratulations" song - the concert was suddenly KNK's surprise 3rd birthday party! KNK and Tinkerbells blew out the candles all together. Inseong commented on their surprise: "We've been through a lot of hidden cameras, but this is the first time it's been during a performance".

Upon returning to the performance, Heejun, true to his character, said: "So really, let's get it?" After shouting "Let's get it" together again, KNK performed "Beauty", "Stay," and "U." The happiness from their surprise birthday party was clear in each performance, but especially during "U" - KNK danced while bathed in flashing red lights, and Tinkerbells' fanchants were deafeningly on point.

Their next ment was before a set of high-energy songs: Heejun asked Tinkerbells if they were ready to jump around, and asked them to jump around to check. However, the venue was really hot, so Seoham hesitated, telling everyone not to jump around and even fanning the crowd of Tinkerbells (i.e. Seoham fanning the fans). Even still, KNK was super pumped, which Heejun prefacing the section with: "This is it. Our 'Let's Get It' song". As expected, from Heejun.

The energy was through the roof - despite the heat, Tinkerbells were jumping along with KNK. During "Love You," KNK played around and accepted fan gifts, with Seoham biting a rose between his lips and Heejun putting a flower behind his ear. Jihun accepted a Woody doll, and spent a solid unit of time trying to stick the Woody doll into his shirt. Even through their playing around, KNK still showed off their powerful vocals and charisma - a charisma featuring light-up heart-shaped headbands.

Day N Night was full of similar, fun-yet-chaotic energy - Seoham accepted a pair of Deal With It glasses and showed off his handsome gaze to fans. Meanwhile, Heejun wrapped himself with a bisexual pride flag, dancing with it and waving it around. KNK kept up the energy for Tonight and their choreography, with Heejun even dancing with the flag in his hands.

As the concert was coming to an end, KNK shared their last thoughts with Tinkerbells.

Seoham: It seemed like we came to LA just yesterday, but already it's their last stop. It's been a while since we came for KCON; did you miss us?

Heejun: I can't wait to put all the love you gave us into our next album, and if you guys want to see us again, please make us on MMT!

Jihun: When we go back to Korea, we'll have a lot of fond memories to look upon. We're going to put all your thoughts into our next album so we can see you soon!

Seoham: I'm glad we're able to finish our tour safely. Thank you, Tinkerbells! (His family was also present at the New York stop, so he also took the time to send love and hearts to his family!)

Inseong: Even though we're going to back to Korea tomorrow (side note: Heejun did an impression of an airplane on the side), I hope that we can meet again soon.

Dongwon: I'm sad that this is our last stop, but I had a lot of fun and am taking lots of fond memories with me. I'm glad I could meet you beautiful people in this beautiful city. (In English:) We'll be back!

For their "last song", KNK performed "Angel Heart" while lit up by the flashlights of Tinkerbells' phones, making for a beautiful and magical stage to say goodbye.

After the song, Tinkerbells chanted "KNK!" and "Encore!" with the stage lights flashing along. KNK re-entered the stage dressed in their tour merch - Heejun had altered his to be a muscle tee, showing off his arms. During the encore song, they played around even more: highlights include Dongwon and Jihun embracing and and Seoham accepting a gift basket from a fan that had flappy ears, and flapping the ears along with the words of "I Remember."

KNK ended the night with "Think About You", a song well fitted to the loving atmosphere between KNK and Tinkerbells. KNK kneeled down to be closer to the audience, and pointed their microphones at them when Tinkerbells sang along. Throughout the song, KNK spent so much time interacting with fans, sending them hearts and accepting their gifts (Jihun acquired an even bigger Woody doll). They're truly thinking about their Tinkerbells.

The song came to an end, and KNK thanked their TInkerbells many times, each time sincere and full of love. After a quick and cute photo time, KNK said goodbye to their New York audience, and took a bow. As they waved goodbye, Dongwon help up a pinky-promise, sending Tinkerbells a promise that they'll see KNK again.

The New York stop of KNK's Lonely Night Tour was full of love, from KNK's surprise birthday party to their charismatic and cute performances to every person in the venue singing along, shouting out the fanchants, and sending KNK their love. Even as KNK's tour comes to an end, the love shared by Tinkerbells and KNK definitely has no end in sight.


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