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ATEEZ Has New York Saying Their Names at The Expedition Tour 2019 in New York

By Kaitlin Cunanan | April 09, 2019 10:08 PM EDT


From the moment we passed through the doors at Warsaw in Brooklyn, the energy felt astounding. The floor was packed with Atinys, Ateez's fan base, with lightsticks and banners in hand, ready and waiting for the moment the octet step out on stage. And as lights dimmed to black, the crowd roared as their tour intro video played on the screen. "What is your treasure? Will you join us?"

Bathed in bold red lights, they kicked off the show with "Pirate King," a track off their first mini album. It's a powerful start to the night for these Pirate Kings. They then jump into "Desire," a smooth r&b song accompanied by moves that definitely had the audience desiring them-The body rolls spoke for themselves.

New York City was the last stop on Ateez's The Expedition Tour 2019, a bittersweet moment for both the group and their Atinys. San, dancer and vocalist extraordinaire, mentioned he could hardly sleep the night before-more from excitement than nerves-and promised Atiny's they would make memories that would never be forgotten. And let's be honest, how can anyone forget Ateez?

Microphone stands were lined along the stage as Ateez transitioned into "Light," a sweet, synth wielding homage to shining brighter when together. Atiny's waved their lightsticks in rhythm with the song as the members threw mega-watt smiles and finger hearts towards the audience. The golden lights hit them just right, accenting the warm, tan shades of their outfits.

In tandem with the laid-back, happy vibe of "Light," Ateez followed with "Stay", a bop with a tropical feel that got the crowd moving. Bathed in bright yellow lights, the idols danced and jumped freely on stage to the steady bass that reverberated through the venue. Even Seonghwa, one of Ateez's many talented vocalists, said he got good vibes after performing this stage.

Cooling off after their medley of songs, Ateez talked about their feelings about New York City. Hongjoong, striking leader of Ateez sporting a striking mullet to match, mentioned he was sad it was the last show of their tour, but that being in NYC made him very happy. Mingi called New York City beautiful, and Yunho agreed before mentioning that meeting Atiny was an even better experience!

Before their next stage, an Atiny in the crowd lifted up something very familiar to a particular member of Ateez: an apple. With loud laughs, the members ushered the apple to Jongho, the youngest member of Ateez. Many may be familiar with a few (or many) videos of Jongho breaking apples in half with his own bare hands, and it was this moment that NYC Atiny witnessed the feat with their own eyes. He pulled it apart with some effort, mentioning it was warm and a little hard to grip at first. Mingi then took a big, juicy bite from the apple, thanking Jongho and Atiny for the sweet mid-concert snack.

Special stages were next, kicking off with the iconic performance to Famous Dex's "Pick It Up." And did they PICK. IT. UP! Their playful and goofy facial expressions mixed with the dynamic hits of their choreography only shows that they are Kings of performance, charming Korea's most famous choreographers and of course, Atiny hearts.

A fun-filled Q&A portion commenced afterwards, pulling questions submitted by Atiny prior to the concert. Members imitated each other, swapped lines in songs, and shared hidden talents! Woosung's sweet voice made an appearance, and Hongjoong just had to put in his two cents, claiming that his little brother has a voice like an angel's cry. And boy, is he so right. Another sweet moment came in the form of Yeosang's answer to an Atiny's question. They were asked what motivates them when they feel like they can't go any further, to which Yeosang said he used to get strength from his members before their debut. Now that they've debuted, their strength comes from Atiny! -cue the harmonized aww from the crowd-

Ateez truly wanted their fans to get to know them on more than just the surface level, and it showed through this intimate and highly interactive q&a. Even after many performances, their energy levels were still extremely high when they jumped right into a Random Play Dance, featuring songs from BTS, NCT 127, Twice, Block B and EXO. Actual kings of endurance.

Piano keys and San's voice open the next song, "Twilight," as Ateez turns their expedition into a party! Their dancing doesn't rest as they transition seamlessly through their many unique formations. The ever uplifting "My Way" followed, with the crowd singing along to "we can do everything."

Ateez then takes a small break as a VCR plays, showing their journey as they worked on preparing for their tour, from practicing their many choreographies, freshening up on their English, and sharing cute messages to their Atiny. It was a behind-the-scenes look into how hard Ateez work for their fans.

Instead of the buttoned up outfits they started the show with, the boys came back on stage dressed in all red as they jump into "HALA HALA," short for Hearts Awakened, Live Alive. They looked absolutely powerful in head-to-toe deep scarlet. Some, like Yunho, Seongwha and Mingi, sported long red coats while others, like San and Yeosang, kept it simple with a red button down tucked delicately into their red trousers. The members were embellished with silver chains and black leather belts, only adding to the overall dynamic look. They actually lit the stage on fire.

After pouring their hearts and energy out on the stage during "HALA HALA" and "Promise," it would be understandable that they'd be tired. San completely shut that thought down, saying that he just has butterflies in his stomach from Atiny. He wasn't tired at all! And neither was the rest of the group as they began their last song, the ever so iconic trap/EDM hit "Say My Name."

The entire venue shook as Atiny in the crown sang the fanchants in tandem with the song, almost overpowering Ateez's voices through the venue's speakers! Lightsticks were swaying, heads were bouncing, and arms were reaching towards the stage as Ateez performed their latest comeback song.

Unfortunately, the concert came to an "end" as the members waved their goodbyes and walked backstage. But Atiny are smart and kept their energy high as they chanted Ateez's name, summoning them back on the stage in record time.

Their final ments were made, each more heartwarming than the last. They sent so much gratitude and love to their Atiny, and thanked them over and over again for their support.

"Atiny, you shine brighter than the stars. Please don't forget it," Seonghwa says with all the love he can muster.

A string of thanks were also sent to their boss (coined as "Ateez's Daddy" by Hongjoong), their music producer, choreographer, KQ staff, makeup artists, stylists, venue staff, and finally their Atiny for all the help and support during their Expedition Tour. They then thank each other, the members of Ateez, and end with a group hug that only garners more cheers, and perhaps a few tears, from the crowd.

The show reaches its finale (for real this time) with "Treasure." To Ateez, Atiny are their treasure, and the feelings were made mutual as Atiny in the crowd raised their fan made banners with "You Are My Treasure" printed in bold font. It summed up perfectly the relationship between Ateez and Atiny in a moment that no one at the concert will forget.

For an idol group that debuted only last year, in October of 2018, a tour across the world would have seemed a far reach away. But Ateez have landed on music charts, peaking 12th and 5th on the Billboard World Charts with their 1st and 2nd mini albums respectively, and captured the world's attention as "monster rookies." With this huge wave of momentum, they don't seem to be slowing down any time soon. We can only wait and see what they have in store next!

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