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Mint to Be: A Review of M.O.N.T.’s Will You Be My Mint? World Tour in NY

By Karen May | April 18, 2019 10:41 PM EDT


Even before the show, Mints were pumped up: they lined up outside of the venue, waiting for the show to begin and handing out fangifts (like an adorable mint-colored wristband!). Mints adorned themselves with M.O.N.T. merch, and lit up the venue with their bright green lightsticks while some fans even dressed up in all mint-colored outfits.

The show was prefaced with an announcement that Bitsaeon was sick with a cold -- but even illness couldn't prevent him from performing.

"Are you ready, NYC?!!" member Narachan loudly greeted the audience followed by an opening with a cover of Winner's hit, "Really Really."

After the first two songs, M.O.N.T. greeted the crowd, expressing their happiness to finally be in New York and eat New York pizza. According to Bitsaeon, it was pepperoni, and delicious.

Later on, M.O.N.T. talked about their BTS biases, showing that they're just as much of fans as we are (Narachan and Bitsaeon like Jimin, while Roda likes J-Hope). 

In their cover of BTS' "Idol," M.O.N.T. worked especially hard to capture the hearts of every one of the Mints in attendance - their sunny smiles contrasted well with the charismatic moves. The intimate venue allowed for a lot of fan interaction, with the boys cutely thanking the fans, calling them cute.

M.O.N.T. then performed a song off of their debut album, Sorry. The ballad allowed for a striking mood change, from bright happy beats to soulful, sad emotions. Roda's emotional rap, and Bitsaeon and Narachan's beautiful harmonizations showcased their talent.

They followed up with their title track, "Will You Be My Girlfriend?" with lots of screams heard when Narachan asked Mints to be his girlfriend in English.

Their debut title track showed off their cute, boyfriendly charms. Midway through song - the venue faced minor audio problems. However, with the strength and energy of M.O.N.T. and Mints, they carried on a capella with all of Mints as their back track.

Adapting to these audio problems, the show opened up for a short Q&A section - the special chosen Mint asked, "Why are you so attractive?", exciting lots of laughs from M.O.N.T. once again.

They began a game of Would You Rather using five fingers and questions written by the fans, showing adaptivity imbued with lots of sweet, sweet fanservice.

Here's a summary of what the Q&A consisted of:

Question: Did you ever want to work with a senior group?

Answer: Roda wants to work with BLOCK B, losing a finger; Bitsaeon wants to work with BTS; Narachan wants to work with Big Bang.

Q: Have you ever danced in the moonlight?

A: Again, all three of them lose! They've always danced in the moonlight - since they're from the mountains of Ganghwa-do, it's something they've always done. Narachan cutely showed off such a dance. They've danced to "Bang Bang Bang" and Psy's "New Face," which many Mints have seen through their Instagram lives.

Q: Have you ever thought of doing a Bohemian Rhapsody cover?

A: If Bitsaeon's surpised face was any example, the boys definitely lost this once again. The audience reacted excitedly, asking them to do a cover now! Narachan began, "'Mama...." and Mints joined in for a sweet, legendary Queen duet.

Q: Have you ever regretted something?

A: Bitsaeon boldly responded no, Roda had a hesitant yes, while Narachan said no - he's so happy in New York with Mints, there's no time to regret!

Q: Have you ever poured milk before cereal?

A: Narachan and Roda stay silent, fingers held strong - cereal before milk is their ride or die. On the other hand, Bitsaeon never answers. He just puts down his last finger with shame. He's a milk before cereal advocate, even asking Mints to try it! It's really good!

Because Bitsaeon lost all five of his fingers first, he had to receive a punishment. While the classic punishment for variety games is a glorious set of aegyo, Mints argue, saying that it wouldn't be a punishment (Bitsaeon? A cutie doing aegyo? Definitely more of a reward.) 

With encouragement from one Mint, nothing that Bitsaeon said he has been trying to be more sexy lately, BItsaeon performs a sexy dance to Rihanna's Work - and absolutely killed it.

This Q&A session was followed by solo stages from M.O.N.T. Roda was first, with a charismatic rap stage lit up in red. He even splashes the audience with a water bottle in true hip-hop fashion, and gets the audience pumping their hands in the air.

Narachan followed with a smooth dance stage, full of stage presence and powerful expressions. The multitalented leader went after with a sexy rap stage.

Due to Bitsaeon's condition, he refrained from performing solo - but they promise to make up for it with a special New York-exclusive stage. Then, M.O.N.T. re-entered the stage in green, red, and blue sweaters, dressed as Alvin and the Chipmunks and dancing to a chipmunk version of Beyonce's Single Ladies.

M.O.N.T.  proceeded with a Bruno Mars medley consisting of "Uptown Funk" and "Runaway Baby,"  followed by a transition into a cover of BTS' Go Go. The trio moved on,  with another cover. This time, with Pentagon's "Shine" where fans in the audience danced along with M.O.N.T., playfulness up to the max.

For their "last" song, they perform another version of their title track: the EDM, Future Bass remix.

At the end of the show, M.O.N.T.  expressed gratitude towards Mints for being so strong and supportive despite problems, and thanked especially the Mints that had traveled from other stops. (For his ment, Bitsaeon cutely mixed up LA and NY and had the cutest "Sorry, Mints!!")

For their special NY-exclusive stage, they performed "Pain in the Rain" off of their debut album. During the emotional, love-filled song, fans waved their arms along as the boys sweetly sang, "Only you~!"

M.O.N.T. switched up the sentimental energy with a quick poll of what girl groups the audience which led to a girl group medley: Momoland's iconic "Boom Boom" and Blackpink's striking "DDU-DU DDU-DU" to show off their charisma.

Switching up the tempo, Roda once again turned up the swagger, with Mints loudly singing along with "Is it true?" "Yes!" Narachan joined the stage, and the song transforms into a groovy medley with Zico's ARTIST. Bitsaeon also joined in, and the boys made Zico's hits their own.

As a final act of excitement, M.O.N.T. took the time to wish "Happy Birthday!" to the people in the audience whose birthday it is, wishing for them to have their best birthday ever - these people included Kpopstarz' own Eddi!

After a group photo in which M.O.N.T. held up fangiften flags covered with messages of love and support, the boys said a final farewell to their Mints.

The New York stop of M.O.N.T.'s Will You Be My Mint? World Tour held many surprises, from learning that Bitsaeon pours milk before cereal to hearing, seeing, and experiencing just how mind-blowing M.O.N.T. is in beauty and charisma in the flesh. Whether M.O.N.T. asks us to be their Mint or their girlfriend, the answer will be an overwhelming yes.

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