Lisa's Mysterious Bangs

May 06, 2019 09:06 AM EDT

Lisa's mysterious bangs
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A lot of people are wondering as to how Lisa manage to keep her bangs in place, they are desperate to know the secret. A lot of fans are thinking maybe she is using super glue, hair pins, fake stick ons or even tattoos that is why even if she moves a lot, her bangs will still be steady. 

After performing at Coachella, Blackpink broke the internet most espcially Lisa. She is labeled as "The girl with bangs." Pictures and videos of Lisa with her unmovable bangs surfaced the internet. It had been shared by many blinks all over social media.

"Lisa's bangs are more stable than my past relationships."

"Lisa's bangs is one of the 8 wonders of the world."

"She must be using some kind of magic for her unmovable hair."

"Lisa's bangs is more calm than my life."

"I bet ya'll, Lisa's bangs is the strongest, calmest hair i've ever seen before!"

Those are just some of the comments the netizens make when talking about Lisa's bangs. Some dedicated Blinks tried to decode the mystery but nothing seems to work. Nobody knows the answer to Lisa's mystery bangs until today.

After noticing that Blinks are trying their best to guest Lisa's secret, Blackpink's stylist decided to end the issue about Lisa having her bangs glued to her forehead. She posted a picture of Lisa to her instagram account with a tag that says #LisaHair and #TruthAboutHerBangs.

She said, "A lot of people have said her bangs are stuck onto her forehead but never, no! The most important thing is to dry your bangs down. Then dry the roots and fix it with spray."

Since she is called "The girl with bangs", poeple are also wondering what she looks like without bangs and netizens started photoshopping her pictures or screenshoting her with pictures that does not show her bangs.

Lisa deifinitely made a wave once again because fo her hairstyle. It is funny and both intriguing that is why people not only in Korea but also in other parts of the world are talking about this. Finally, we were able to unlock the mystery behind her bangs. Thanks to blackpink's hairstylist for sharing us the secret.

People thought that it is the greatest revelation of all time. They cannot help but crack at how mystefied blinks are about Lisa's bangs.


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