Hirai Momo of Twice is Undeniably Gorgeous in this Selca Picture!

Jun 05, 2019 09:21 AM EDT

(Photo : youtube.com)

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Selca, or self-camera, is a term popularly known among K-pop fandoms. Many K-pop artists have taken their fair share of selfies throughout their career. Meanwhile, Hirai Momo, a member of Twice, has taken a selfie together with her band member, and Once praised the Twice member for her cute expressions on the camera. Curious? Take a look at the picture provided:

Momo is sporting the 'Hime haircut' which was fondly coined by her loyal fans. The sharp features of the hairstyle made her look like an anime character who was plucked straight out of a laptop screen. With the selfies abound, one Twice member photobombed behind her. Dahyun, who is known for her hosting skills, flexibility, and fair skin, thus earning her the nickname 'Dubu', joined at the back of Momo, and smiled for the camera. This special interaction between the two Twice members earned smiles from the fans.

One user from Twitter was marveling about how overflowingly gorgeous Momo was. Another user commented on Dahyun being at the back, looking pretty too. Both are known to have a tight-knit bond which all of Twice members seem to have.

Truly, Momo is one of the highly-acclaimed Korean artists nowadays, even beating the likes of Girls' Generation in some of the polls circulating in the interweb. This fact has earned Twice the title 'National Girl Group' of South Korea, which was previously owned by none other than Girls' Generation, their seniors. There was no bad blood between the two groups because the 8-member girl group looks after Twice like their little sisters.

Hirai Momo hails from Japan, specifically in Kyoto Prefecture, where she danced her wonderful childhood away by joining different dance troupes. She danced alongside her sister, Hana Hirai, who was also gifted in terms of dancing capabilities. It was something that was innate in their blood. The Japanese Twice member's great talent has earned her once-in-a-lifetime chance to go to the land of opportunity, South Korea, and pursue her K-pop dreams in the company that adopted her, JYP entertainment.

Meanwhile, Twice is a 9-member girl group who rose to fame in the year 2015 with their first debut single, OOH-AHH, from their first album 'The Story Begins'. After consistently releasing catchy and cute songs, they elevated their status in South Korea and earned the title of being the 'National Girl Group. People cannot wait to see what else this girl group could bring.


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