EXO Members Were Stunned After Watching Stage K Performances

Jun 07, 2019 11:04 AM EDT

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EXO Members Were Stunned After Watching Stage K Performances. After 5 months of being hiatus, EXO members finally guested in Stage K that will air this June 9, 2019, on JTBC. Though only 5 members were present in the TV show, they still enthusiastically judged and watched the performances of the talented EXO-Ls!

On the latest video teaser of Stage K, it featured the shocking reaction of the present members (namely Baekhyun, Chen, Suho, Sehun, and Kai) while watching their fans cover their dance performances.

Even if they had been on a break from variety and music shows for the past months, the audience, and even hosts, welcomed their appearance on Stage K. EXO's sunbaenim, 2NE1's Sandara Park, praised them by saying that "EXO is my last idol group," which obviously meant that she won't find a group that has the same standards as EXO. Jun Hyun Moo also added the compliment by saying "Not a single audience member is facing me," because every single person in the studio is glancing at the EXO members.

EXO members and even EXO-Ls felt humbled and thankful with the received compliments even after returning from a break for months. Though, rest assured that people will see of more appearances of the group this upcoming month because of their 5th solo concert, named EXplOration, which will be held at KSPO Dome in Seoul Olympic Park within the 6 days of July.

Before they started judging the dance performances, they pointed out some factors on how to capture their attention-style, energy, and most importantly, how they enjoy themselves on the stage. However, EXO members started laughing at their leader, Suho, when he mentioned that he is looking for the performer's character in his rubrics for judging and it showed on different Social Networking Sites that many people surely missed the teasing moment of members to their leader.

Though there were unexpected news and events from some EXO members, like Xiumin and D.O., with regards to the announcement of their military enlistment, it can be shown that their relationship still hasn't changed.

Based on the preview for the next episode of Stage K, all of the members showed their interest and enthusiasm in every dance performance, but just like every idol group that went in this show, EXO also had a hard time choosing which group will be the winner and get a chance to dance with them.

Make sure to watch the trailer for EXO's episode on Stage K!


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