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Ravi Kicks Off his 3rd REAL-LIVE [R.OOK BOOK] Tour in New Jersey – a Recap!

By Kaitlin Cunanan | June 11, 2019 04:48 PM EDT


On Friday, May 10th, 2019, Ravi kicked off his 3rd REAL-LIVE [R.OOK BOOK] US Tour at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, New Jersey. Held by MyMusicTaste, the tour was in support of Ravi's recent mini-album, R.OOK BOOK - and Starlights, fans of Ravi's group, VIXX, were very excited to hear their favorite songs (real-)live for the first time.

Starlights entered the venue, their VIXX lightsticks in hand, ready for the night of a lifetime. Some Starlights had banded together to organize fan-projects like a gorgeous banner to be held up during Tuxedo and an American flag on which they had written messages to Ravi.

Ravi entered the stage, flanked by rainbow stage lights and lots of cheers from his fans. In gold chains and a half-unbuttoned Kith x Versace silk shirt (with a black-shirt underneath...unfortunately!), Ravi looked absolutely expensive. He greeted fans sweetly, saying, "This is a special day just for you to forget the stress that you've had." Whether Starlights were able to forget the stress that they had or were infinitely more stressed out because of how amazing Ravi looked, it certainly was a special day.

To the smooth deep tones of his rap, Ravi had fans jumping and grooving along. He would often, in true K-Hip-hop fashion, open up a water bottle, take a sip (stay hydrated!) and splash water all over fans - like being blessed. Though Ravi is alone on stage, he's able to fill it up with his monstrous stage presence.

His performances were filled with an equal mix of cool, cute, and charismatic moments - like swaying to his soulful "I see through you," with a small smirk during Melting Point (See-Through), admiring and singing with his fans during Live feat. Chungha, and doing a cute shimmy to the "Brr, brr, brr," of Adorable feat. Yang Yoseop.

Live, for Ravi, is a song that is particularly special: "It's a song I put all my feelings into and love - so I'm glad to be able to share those feelings with you guys on tour," Ravi said. With lyrics like, "Oh Why do I live, I'm afraid of tomorrow," and "Don't try to fit yourself to other's standards," it's clear how intimate the song is, and how much Ravi trusts his Starlights to be able to share his feelings with them.

Ravi treated New Jersey fans to a special performance of U-NIVERSE - its first performance ever in the U.S.! That's how Ravi wanted to make this tour in particular special - with U-NIVERSE's U.S. debut. The love for Ravi is real - even when he's just drinking water or fiddling with his sleeves, the crowd cheers and showers him with affection.

His album R.OOKBOOK was made with the keyword of "fashion," and is about expressing various identities of himself in fashion, Ravi says - before making the stage into his own personal fashion show. He shows off his fashion and his playful identity by dancing along with fans and making the stage his runway, with S/S 2019: Ravi's Love for His Fans.

His cute moments, like leading fans in a chant of "Pay Day Pay Day!" for Pay Day, contrasted heavily with his more hard-hitting vibes with Bomb - the entire venue was filled with energy, Ravi spitting bars, and shouts of "Bomb, bomb!"

As an ending ment, Ravi sweetly greeted his fans: "I will continue to make music and even if we are apart, please remember that I will always be with you."

In contrast with the softness of his love towards his fans, the moment Starlights had been anticipating the entire night arrived - Ravi pulled off his shirt right before Do The Dance, and fans spent the entire song in awe of Ravi's exposed tattoos and abs, bathed in red stage lights. Ravi even splashed fans with more water, but not before pouring water all over himself first - the entire thing was chaotic and glorious. Ravi followed up Do the Dance with another bop, Nirvana feat. Park Jimin, and spent the song calmly grooving along.

Right as Ravi left the stage, Starlights were already missing him: they started chanting his name, "Kim Wonsik!", calling him back out for an encore - and embodying the spirit of his raps, adding an "Aye!" to the end.

Ravi couldn't stay away from his fans for long - he soon re-entered the stage to Damn-Ra, this time in one of his tour t-shirts accessorized with a white bandana. Ravi's stage presence was truly unmatched, and with every single one of his devastating body rolls, we were stunned.

Every sexy moment of Ravi's came with a soft, loving moment of equal caliber. During Lean on Me, Ravi's love was expressed by playing around, taking selfies with the phones of his fans, and even jumping down from the stage to high-five the front row and be closer with fans - he loves them just that much. Ravi is truly an idol that his fans can lean on.

After taking a photo with his fans, holding the flag that was signed with all their loving messages, Ravi teases them for another performance: "Do you guys want some more?" - followed by their cheers, to which he replied with a cute, "Ah, sorry!!"

Finally, Ravi answered his own "Do you want some more?" with a triumphant, "Okay, let's get it!!!" and closed off the night with a reprise of Tuxedo, this time with his gift-given flag wrapped around his shoulders like a cape.

Ravi's first show on his 3rd REAL-LIVE [R.OOK BOOK] US Tour showcased everything from Ravi's hard-hitting raps, his chic fashion sense, his unparalleled stage presence, to his unending love and trust for his fans. For Starlights, it was a night of a lifetime. To get the chance to experience more unforgettable nights like this one, keeping making on MyMusicTaste - thank you so much to MyMusicTaste and Jellyfish Entertainment for allowing KpopStarz press coverage!

EDITOR: Edward Leary

PHOTOGRAPHY: Karen Cunanan

REPORTER: Caitlin Cunanan

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