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Stray Kids' "Side Effects" Wows Viewers with Its Astounding Performance Video

By Mirachelle Joya | July 17, 2019 10:28 AM EDT


South Korean boy group dropped an impressive new style at their varying and high-powered choreography for "Side Effects," the title track of their latest special album entitled "Clé 2: Yellow Wood."

The recently released video showcases all the nine members' strong dance steps as well as the sharpness of the song, giving their fans a complete perspective of the boys' well-defined arrangements.

The hit "Side Effects" was produced by Stray Kids' members Bang Chan, Han, and Changbin, also known as 3Racha. It is said that it is the group's most darksome and oddest song yet, and contains a profound message. It is all about feeling extremely insecure and anxious after making a decision, which would have a significant impact on how one would see the world.

The group-based their song on today's society where the younger ones are trying to run away from the traditional structures and create their own path, in which many have made their mind up without thinking of the possible journey they will have. It is only when they encounter hardships along the way do they realize that it is not going to be easy.

In the song, Stray Kids shows their regret and doubt, questioning if avoiding people was the right decision they made. Some lyrics question whether they will achieve success in forming their own path or not and at the same time express their fear of failing, indicating that the system, which they disagree with, was right.

The concept of hesitancy and unease can also be seen in the music video and is portrayed by Hyunjin. Although he continues to follow his members, he still doubts the new choices they are making. And because of this, Hyunjin becomes easily troubled and distressed, which led to his irrational actions. One example is when Hyunjin throws Seungmin's camera onto the ground after he saw him taking a picture. As a result, the two fought each other, which symbolizes inner sabotage as well as disunion in the community.

In addition, the track "Side Effects" also depicts Stray Kids' present journey to success, as the group's quest is different from the others. After all, Bang Chan was the one who put the boys together, making them the first group that did not receive much control from JYP. And ever since they debuted, the phrase "nine or nothing" has been marked upon the group, as JYP was planning to debut only seven members but gave Felix and Lee Know the chance to be part of the group. And so, Stray Kids became a nine-member group, moving forward together despite the imperfections.


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