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Fellow Hallyu Artists Attend YoonA's Upcoming Movie

By Mirachelle Joya | July 27, 2019 11:09 AM EDT

(Photo : hellokpop)

The idol-actress shared the photo on her Instagram account and captioned it with:  "I was happy you said it was fun and cheered me on."

Under the post were comments from Sooyoung and Suho. The former said she wanted to go as well, while the supergroup's leader said, "I enjoyed watching it thanks to your invite. Watch 'E.X.I.T' this summer! Good luck to YoonA who you can't 'exit' from."

Actress-model Park Hwan Hee then commented, "It was the best," while Seohyun expressed her excitement towards her friend's upcoming film. The Girls' Generation member also uploaded an Instagram Story, wishing YoonA luck on her movie.

Prior to the screening, YoonA opened up about making the film with her leading man, actor Jo Jung Suk. It's also noteworthy that E.X.I.T. is her first-ever movie.

"It's my first film, but everyone said that it was good so I can't tell. It didn't feel real, but people told me good things as time passed, so all of the hard work runnings was worthwhile. I see some lacking parts, but I was happy that people told me good things. I hoped to blend well [into the film], and it didn't seem like they said anything about me standing out, so I was happy just from that," the Hallyu star shared.

The movie tells the story of a jobless man, portrayed by Jo Jung Suk, who teams up with a member of a rock climbing club that he is also in. The duo then attempts to escape an area infected by a mysterious and poisonous gas.

For her to be able to realistically portray her role, YoonA had stuntmen to do the tricks and difficult stunts for her, which includes skydiving and climbing. She was then asked during the interview if she was afraid of not appearing pretty on screen, to which she responded with:

"If you press pause even for a moment, it's totally possible in this film. The 'E.X.I.T' team said that I was full of facial expressions, but I thought I looked prettier when I was trying my best as my character. I thought that I would look prettier if I acted the part for the situation instead of paying attention to what I looked like."

The Girls' Generation member then shared that physically-demanding scenes made her tearful.

"I reached a point where I couldn't even walk. Because I had to film running scenes for a couple of days as well as wire scenes, I couldn't run a lot at once. Since I filmed running scenes every day, my legs took so much of a toll that I cried as soon as [the director] said cut. I wanted to shoot again despite being tired and in pain, but I couldn't even get up. I also cried wishing that my physical endurance was a little better. It was so difficult, but I was relieved Jo Jung Suk said he had good endurance. I just endured with determination. I wasn't scared while filming wire scenes because I had ridden them before during performances. Some scenes even seemed fun. The scenes where I had to run with my own strength were harder," the idol-actress explained.


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