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EXO-SC Hangs Out with their Adorable Doggos Vivi and Toben on "My Little Television 2"

By Staff Reporter | August 02, 2019 11:03 PM EDT

My Little Television 2
(Photo : kshow123)

Viewership instantly escalated with the sight of the two doggos, and the chatroom was an explosion of positive messages. Sehun showed off how his pup Vivi can follow simple commands, such as "sit," "down," and "nose." Chanyeol, on the other hand, experienced some difficulty on the vivacious Toben who kept on running back and forth the studio.

The newly-formed unit members also met the African gray parrot named Lala who was with her trainer. Chanyeol and Sehun were evidently impressed by Lala's impersonation, as well as its skill to bow or pay respect to the people she encounters.

Then, the duo hung out with meerkats. While Chanyeol, who is a self-proclaimed animal lover, was clearly enjoying the presence of the animals, Sehun made the prod team and the viewers burst into laughter for making it obvious that he was half-scared of them. Though he found them adorable, the maknae kept on standing and at least trying to evade the meerkats that were congregating at him. 

"I raised a ferret when I was young and they're a bit similar," Chanyeol shared.

When he was trying to feed the meerkats with treats, he inadvertently spilled the entire cup of mealworms, making Sehun say to the meerkats, "It's a party! Bring all of your friends."

The last animal that the two met were baby raccoons. EXO's main rapper was successful on feeding the animals, but Sehun was still at it having difficulty and overwhelmed by the presence of the animals. He, once again, made everyone laugh when he asked, "What do I do?"

In a separate variety show, Chanyeol and Sehun talked about Vivi who has gotten bigger. Sehun shared that his puppy used to be really small, and old videos of Vivi are proof of this statement.

The MC asked, "Wasn't he small because he was only a baby back then?"

But for Sehun, the blame is on him.

"Vivi has gained some weight due to my negligence," the supergroup's maknae said.

The MC responded, "Due to Vivi's growth spurt, you've earned the nickname 'Puppy Enlarger.'"

Chanyeol then shared that his baby Toben probably looks up to him like a sibling, which is why he does not listen to him well.

Indeed, as per the fans' claims on the social networking sites, Vivi is the chill type and Toben is the always hyper one.


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