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EXO's Lay Shows Off Sharp yet Fluid Dance Movements in "Honey" Dance Practice Video

By Mirachelle Joya | July 31, 2019 10:20 PM EDT

Lay Honey
(Photo : The Bias List)

As of press time, the 3-minute-long video already amassed over 260,000 views. Tons of his fans, most of which as EXO-Ls, also camped at the comments section to commend him. It can't be helped though as his EP has been a success and even broke history.

Even before its official release, "Honey" instantly sold 1.87 million units on QQ Music, China's biggest music site, during pre-orders, breaking nine certifications and acquiring the Hall of Fame's Gold Diamond Certification, all within three minutes!

The mini-album is comprised of 4 tracks, one of which is the Chinese version of the title track. The other songs go by the titles "Amusement Park" and "Bad." "Honey" music video is also just a couple of millions away from earning a total of 5 million views on Youtube.

Of course, Lay's fellow EXO members didn't let the day pass to express their support to their Chinese "brother." On their respective Instagram accounts, Baekhyun and Chanyeol published an excerpt of the music video, whilst their maknae Sehun left a comment under Lay's post on the platform.

The supergroup's main vocalist wrote in his caption "Lay-Honey" and added it with the hashtags "Yixing Right Here," "Lay Sang It," and "Honey." The Mandopop star, almost instantly, thanked Baekhyun for his support and even called the singer his "baby."

In the lead rapper's post, Lay also expressed his gratitude to his brother by commenting under it, saying, "Yoyoyo! Thank you, Chanyeol-ah! [emoji]." As for Sehun, he simply stated that he truly liked the song as well as the music video.

As of this writing, EXO is busy holding consecutive concerts, EXO Planet 5: The EXplOration, in Seoul, in spite of the three absentee members Xiumin, D.O., and Lay himself.

Nevertheless, the latter is also fully-booked this month and onwards as he has been concert-touring in different parts of China. His solo concert series "Grandline" has been a success, not to mention that none of the ticket-selling dates from each of the stops lasted for 4 minutes and beyond because of the massive demand from his fans who he calls X-Backs.


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