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TXT Members Share Their First Impression of Each Other

By Mirachelle Joya | August 02, 2019 10:43 PM EDT

(Photo : TXT)

On July 6, TXT sat down for an interview with BuzzFeed and answered questions while playing with puppies. One of the queries is what the members' first impression of another was when they first met.

Taehyun answered first and said, "Huening Kai was cute," and Soobin agreed with him, saying, "Yeah, so cute." Then Huening Kai replied that he knows he is cute. Taehyun spoke again and stated that Yeonjun was cool, and Yeonjun gave him and Soobin a fist bump.

Beomgyu joined the conversation and commented that Taehyun's eyes and nose are big and that he is handsome. Taehyun thanked him in return. Soobin then shared, "I met Taehyun when he was fifteen years old. At that time, he looks like a baby." And Yeonjun again complimented Huening Kai for being cute.

Afterward, Huening Kai picked another white paper from a bowl, containing a question "What are your goals for the future? What would you like to accomplish?"

For the second time, Taehyun responded first and said, "I want to perform on large stages like Billboard, just like BTS one day." Beomgyu replied second stating, "I want new artist award." The third person to answer was Yeonjun, saying, "I want to meet many fans. I want to show the best performance for our fans." Then Huening Kai said, "I want to have a title like Super Rookie 2019," and everyone was like "Yeah!"

The next question was, "If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would you meet and why?" This time, Beomgyu was the first one to give his opinion, and he said, "I want to meet Yeonjun of Tomorrow x Together." Yeonjun hugged and patted his back to express his gratitude.

Taehyun suddenly said, "I want to meet Mozart," and Huening Kai seemed surprised about it. Next was Soobin who said that he saw the movie "Avengers: Endgame" so he wants to meet Iron Man. Yeonjun shared that he wants to meet his mom and dad, and said, "I love you, mom and dad. And also I like Kendrick Lamar. I want to meet Kendrick Lamar." Huening Kai then said out loud, "Shawn Mendes."

The last question was, "Cats or dogs?" Yeonjun, Taehyun, and Soobin shouted, "Dogs!" while Huening Kai and Beomgyu answered, "Cats!" but they both took it back and said dogs. Yeonjun mentioned that he loves Welsh Corgi and Huening Kai commented that he loves every puppy.

At the end of the interview, TXT sang their track "Cat & Dog" for the puppies.


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