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What to expect at the Premiere of "Welcome 2 Life"

By Mirachelle Joya | August 06, 2019 10:11 AM EDT

Welcome 2 Life
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Here are four points to look out for during its premiere!

The opening of a parallel world

Welcome 2 Life will take you to a new world or a parallel universe that shifts at the same time and event as the present world. Rain plays a selfish lawyer but when he got sucked in a parallel universe because of an accident, he becomes a good lawyer. His ex-girlfriend in the current world becomes his wife in the parallel world. Rain will try to live a completely opposite life.

A drama that combines mystery, investigation, and comedy

"Welcome 2 Life" will combine mystery, a mind-blowing investigation, and comedy. It will show how a lawyer's life will drastically change from an evil lawyer to a kind-hearted lawyer inside the parallel universe. He will have a quirky relationship with his ex-girlfriend that will soon turn into comedy. The serious sides of the drama will occur when they begin investigating the mysterious incidents. 

Great acting from the cast

Viewers of this drama will exceed their expectations for the passionate acting of the cast. Rain will show his versatility for switching roles or a selfish lawyer and an upright lawyer. He will also showcase his comedic acting when he felt confused in his brand new life.

Rain's co-stars will also show their best acting performances. Lim Ji Yeon is a detective in the present world and an optimistic working mother in another world. Kwak Si Yang plays a senior in Violent Crimes unit who is very charismatic in the present world and very affectionate on the other.

The supporting cast will not let you down too. Son Byung Ho, Han Sang Jin, and Kim Joong will participate in corruption and evasion of the law for reputation and power. While, Park Won Sang, Jang So Yeon, Park Shin Ah, Im Sung Jae, Hong Jin Ki, and more are part of the Special Investigation Headquarters who team up to uncover the mysteries of the worlds.

Cinematography and storyline with breathtaking cliff-hangers

"Welcome 2 Life" has amazing cinematography and a heartwarming story that will capture the attention of viewers. The scene where Rain is sucked into the alternate universe will bring mixed emotions and the twists will make the viewers bite their nails. The collaboration of writer Yoo Hee Kyung and director Kim Geun made the cast successfully display their emotions and make the storyline very interesting.

"'From a genre aspect, 'Welcome 2 Life' is a romantic comedy and investigative drama that leaves no room for rest. I believe it will be an excellent drama to enjoy during this hot summer with its dual charms of light and sweet comedy and chilling suspense. The message stems from the love and growth of the characters through the events they experience. Please show lots of support for the characters as their experience change and development with each episode", said Writer Yoo Hee Kyung.


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