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Fans Worldwide Celebrate with Apink's Yoon Bomi as She Turned 27!

By Mirachelle Joya | August 13, 2019 08:30 AM EDT

Fans Worldwide Celebrate with Apink's Yoon Bomi as She Turned 27!
(Photo : Reddit)

Fans celebrate worldwide as Apink's Yoon Bomi celebrates her 27th birthday today, August 13, 2019. PinkPanda or also the fandom name of Apink trends in twitter the celebration with a hashtag of 




along with their heartwarming letters and message for Bomi. Some fans also organize some fan cafe events in Korea and internationally to celebrate the special day with their co-fans for their idol. 

Apink's official website post today a picture of Yoon Bomi with a caption of "Happy Birthday Lovely Bomi" to greet the idol. 

Aside from the mini Olympics, she also offered a show and sang "Annyeong Goodbye" as she offered it for the fans who were supporting her and the group for the last 8 years. Apink Bomi also teared up as she talked about her life experiences and when he thanked the fans and her members. 

 On a recent IG post of Apink's Yoonbomi, @__yoonbomi__ thanked her fans for her successful fan meeting event. Here's the translation of her recent IG post.

Bomi: Bomi:" Our pandas thank you for coming to BBOMlympic &  spent time with me for my birthday this way. You have raised up Apink until now, so please also think of this cactus as Bomi & raise it up prettily️ It's gonna be hot, be careful & I love you. " 

Bomi was said to prepared cactuses that were given away to fans and attached to her IG post were her pictures preparing the cactuses, and her photo holding her selca (selfie photo). 

Apink's Chorong also replied to her IG Post with the ID user name @mulgokizary which was translated as 

Chorong:"  Today was so fun! Blue team... I'm sorry...ㅜㅜ Red team too, you've worked really hard! Even so, we are one.", implying to losing her team ( blue team) to Bomi's team (red team) but Apink and fans will always be as one together. 

In reply to Chorong's Bomi added, 

Bomi:" A precious memory."  


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