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4 Most Popular Korean Music Videos

By Staff Reporter | June 19, 2019 04:13 PM EDT

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Within the K-pop industry, all of the fans are always rooting for the music videos of their idols along with their comeback since these will showcase the visuals, concepts, and story of the song or album itself. MVs were prepared and conceptualized by the production team and idols in a long span of time, in able to formulate worth-waiting videos for their fans.

Even if every group, or even the solo idol, released music videos for each comeback, there were music videos that accumulated millions, and even billions, of views on the pioneer video streaming site-YouTube-and the idols and solo artists who did that were recognized all over the world, especially when they achieved being included in the Top 5 most viewed MVs.

1. PSY's Gangnam Style (3.3 Billion Views)

Way back 2012, the South Korean rapper, Psy, made history by making the music video of "Gangnam Style" to be the first to have a billion views. Aside from these record-breaking moments, this is also the only Korean song to hit No. 2 at Hot 100 Chart of Billboard.

What makes "Gangnam Style" became a mega big hit is because of Psy's comedic choreography of its famous horse dance. This dance became a craze to all over the world, even in Western countries, which is a cultural win for Koreans since they made the K-pop genre recognizable in other parts of the world.

2. PSY's "Gentleman" (1.2 Billion Views)

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After a year of the ever successful "Gangnam Style", Psy made it again with the record-breaking charts from all over the world. The South Korean rapper made his comeback a mega big hit with some sexy dance moves, and it also became a dance craze too!

3. BLACKPINK's "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du" (833 Million Views)

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Just 2 years after the debut of Blackpink, they have already conquered the hearts of many people, even internationally, with their swag and attitude in the song "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du", which made an undeniably big hit all over the world!

As the YG Entertainment's girl group, Blackpink, debuted, they already shown their unique personalities, unlike from the other GGs in the industry, and that is what their fans loved about them.

4. BTS's "DNA" (744 Million Views)

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The ultimate BigHit boy group also made it with the Top 5 most viewed MVs because of the charisma and visuals they show to their ARMYs!

Well, it is true that everyone always root for BTS whenever they release an upcoming album, since they are well-known for their catchy songs and unending support from their fans from all over the world.

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