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What Does The Older Generation Think About Kpop

By Mirachelle Joya | July 18, 2019 01:11 PM EDT


To say that Kpop is taking the world like a storm is an understatement heck k-wave is a Tsunami. It's everywhere; you can hear Kpop songs play at the local market, at jeepneys, malls or even at the classroom because it's impossible not to have a classmate or two who are not devoted to that whole craze. But that's a topic for another time. Let's talk about what Mama and Lolas think about this entire thing.

I hosted a poll on Instagram and did some surveys from people I know and from some strangers. The response I got is mixed. Some said that their parents are supportive and some said that their parents don't - well on Instagram at least.

It's a different case for facebook since most of the people there have supportive parents, but not all of them. It's understandable since stanning a particular craze and being part of a fandom or hype is a common thing for young people, and Kpop's reputation screams positivity.

Being in fandom means that everyone with the same interest can interact primarily in this Hallyu wave where everybody has different preferences on what to be a part of or be a stan. For example, Kdrama is insanely popular nowadays, or the whole Korean artist-world which is full of talented people and lots of genres to choose from. And I think that's one of the reasons why parents are supportive. Strongest friendships are honed inside of this community, campaigns and projects relating to self-growth are being held and stuffs to spread positivity and goodness.

However, a lot of the older people are against it for reasons. This context isn't about me trying to convince them to turn otherwise. First of all, it won't work, and second of all, I read the comments from that one tweet about twicelights, and it's discouraging. A lot of older people dislike the genre and sometimes hates it (as

what as I have observed.)

Some disliked it because of the language. Older people aren't as open as the youngsters when it comes to music. They love their classic OPM as much as they love our very own language. But to be frank, I think it's just xenophobic. "Why do you go crazy over that music when you don't understand a thing?" that's the most common sentence a Kpop fan with disapproving parents hears every day.

Some of them think that the Kpop stans are just wasting time and money to support the Idols, which I guess isn't exactly, but I also don't believe it is false either.

Kpop fans spend a lot of effort to support a group and can even go as far as spending fortunes. I don't think it is, but it's not a waste if you enjoy spending it.

Well, one should know the limits of things and must not act on impulse. Loving something into the point that it's unhealthy isn't love. It's called stupidity.

All in all, it will just all boil down to complexity. Opinions will always remain in constant; maybe it'll persist as it is or perhaps not.No one knows.


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