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6 Korean Dramas That Will Make You Laugh Non-Stop

By Mirachelle Joya | August 08, 2019 09:48 PM EDT

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The Fiery Priest

Kim Nam Gil mastered how to transform a charming gaze into a hilarious facial expression. If you are into justice and parodies, then this is the perfect drama to watch. Many viewers say that this drama feels like watching a comic book. All the characters have their own unique quirks.

Chief Kim

If you loved the humor of "The Fiery Priest", then you have to watch "Chief Kim" too. These 2 dramas are written by the same writer. This drama focuses on catching bad guys and giving importance on friendship. This funny drama has the same comic book type humor with "The Fiery Priest". All the characters have their own hobbies like how 2PM's Junho and his binge eating and Nam Sang Mi and her batting cage. Be ready to get to know the lovable and silly people in this drama world.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

"Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" is a story of a weird woman named Bong Soon who is gifted with superhuman strength. Her goal is to protect people, Bong Soon keeps getting in hilarious situations and saying silly things as an excuse for her power. The male lead, Park Hyung Sik shows his wacky side together with the other cast.

Modern Farmer

If the previous dramas' did not work for you, "Modern Farmer" will surely make your belly laugh. The casts of this drama are Lee Hong Ki, Kwak Dong Yeon, Park Min Woo, Lee Si Eon, and Honey Lee. This drama is about the story of a disbanded rock band named Exo (Excellent Souls). Lee Hong Ki will inherit an old farm where he will stay with his bandmates. They will do silly things like stealing apples, peeing in the water source of the villagers, and burning houses accidentally. These derps will try to reach their dreams and try to control their craziness.

Top Star Yoo Baek

"Top Star Yoo Baek" tells a story of a well-known actor named Yoo Baek who was stranded at an unknown island. He will try to socialize with the people around him with his cocky attitude. He will not cope with the situation easily and that is what makes the scenes ridiculously funny. He will experience new things like drying old fish on a surfboard and talking to goats.

Unstoppable High Kick

"Unstoppable High Kick" is an older show but the main casts are the reason why this is a classic watch. Park Min Young, Jung II Woo, Kim Bum, and Na Moon Hee are the main casts of this drama. Each character is stucked in funny situations that will make you burst into laughter. There are running gags because this is a sitcom. Watch out for Kim Bum and Kim Hye Sung's dramatic bromance and Seo Min Jung's silly clumsiness. 


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