Red Velvet

Red Velvet, the first Mini Album 'CookieJar' released for the first time

Headlines 05.24.18 | 09:53PM EDT

Red velvet, that is preparing to advance to Japan, unveiled its first mini album cover to be released.


BTS won Billboard's Top Social Artist for 2 consecutive years

Headlines 05.22.18 | 11:18PM EDT

BTS won the Billboard Music Awards (BBMA) for the second consecutive year for the first time as a Korean singer.


Twice, Oricon Chart First Place on the Fourth Day

Headlines 05.20.18 | 06:18PM EDT

Girl Group Twice kept the top spot on the Japanese Oricon chart for the fourth day.

Black Pink

"Black Pink, Confirmed in mid June" ... Yang Hyun Suk, a friendly spoiler

Headlines 05.17.18 | 09:01PM EDT

Yang Hyun suk released a photo on the 17th instagram with "BLACK PINK Coming Back Mid June Black Pink lightstick Spoiler”

Wanna One

Wanna One, unit 'Nambawan' teaser released ... Park Ji-hoon • Lai Kuan-lin • Bae Jin-young

Headlines 05.16.18 | 01:40PM EDT

In the teaser photo, Park Ji-hoon, La Kuan-lin and Bae Jin-young show off their mature charm.

black pink

Black Pink Breaks 100 Million Hits in First Reality 'The Black Pink House'

Headlines 05.13.18 | 05:47PM EDT

Black Pink, the group's first solo reality show, was once again a hit with 100 million views.


Nine Muses, Kyungri Asia model awarded

Headlines 05.08.18 | 10:51PM EDT

Kyungri, member of Nine Muses has won the fashionista award at the '2018 Asian Model Awards'.

MXM in Malaysia

MXM Shakes Up Kuala Lumpur With Liveliness and Charm

Concert / Event 05.07.18 | 10:45PM EDT

Get a glimpse of what went down in Kuala Lumpur with MXM.

Red Velvet & Pentagon Added to KCON 18 New York

Red Velvet and Pentagon Added to KCON 2018 NY Lineup

Headlines 05.07.18 | 10:44PM EDT

The two group are the last two artists announced for this year's "All Things Hallyu" festivities.

Gang Dong Won in Malaysia

Gang Dong Won Makes His First Appearance in Malaysia

Concert / Event 05.03.18 | 12:17AM EDT

Gang Dong Won first time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia greeting the media and fans.


BTS “ DOPE” Broke 300 Million Views

Headlines 04.30.18 | 10:47PM EDT

The group BTS’s "DOPE" music video broke YouTube's 300 million view.


Twice, 9 Medals with 'What is love?'

Headlines 04.28.18 | 07:30PM EDT

Girl group, Twice ranks top and become 9 gold medalist.


Wanna One, Park Ji-hoon Starts His First Solo Model

Headlines 04.27.18 | 10:39PM EDT

Park Ji-hoon of Wanna One is selected as the model of April skin and goes to the first solo model activity after debut.


KCON USA Releases Ticket Info and Adds Super Junior to New York Lineup

Concert / Event 04.27.18 | 08:29PM EDT

With a star-studded lineup to takeover the U.S. once again, more info on the biggest K-pop event of the year has made its way this week.


SHINee, Japan's first best album, 1st place in 15 Oricon ‧ iTunes

Headlines 04.23.18 | 01:51PM EDT

SHINee Japan's first best album "SHINee THE BEST FROM NOW ON" (released on the 18th) ranked #1 on the Oricon daily album chart on the day of release.


Taeyeon to hold its first stand-alone showcase tour in Japan in June

Concert / Event 04.18.18 | 10:03PM EDT

Girls' Generation Taeyeon opens her first solo showcase tour in Japan.

Don Spike

Don Spike, "The most popular song in the Olympic is Wanna One's" Pick Me "

Headlines 04.16.18 | 10:05PM EDT

Don Spike has released an anecdote for music director at PyeongChang Olympic.


K-CON 2018 Japan Success

Headlines 04.15.18 | 08:01PM EDT

CJ E & M's "KCON 2018 Japan" event was almost filled with 11,000 seats.

Monsta X

"2018 World Tour Departure" Monster X has sold out all of Seoul concert

Headlines 04.13.18 | 10:03PM EDT

The group Monster X has sold out all of Seoul concert


EXO Sehun birthday event. 25 celebrations around the world

Headlines 04.12.18 | 10:34PM EDT

The Chinese fans of the idol group EXO have prepared a birthday event for Sehun's birthday. It was a birthday celebration all over the world including the New York Times ads.


Mamamoo Wheein Released Solo Debut Photo

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 04.09.18 | 11:07PM EDT

Girl group Mamamoo Wheein released her concept photo before solo debut.

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