EXID is a K-pop quintet known for the hit song,

EXID Shows Gratefulness To Fans Through We Are Music Video

Endorsement 06.08.19 | 10:56AM EDT

On May 29, 2019, the Kpop girl group released an official MV for their fan song entitled "WE ARE.." The track is included in their latest mini album "We," which was issued on May 15 and is the last album that EXID will have as a full five-member group for a while.

PRISTIN has officially disbanded after debuting in 2017.

New Girl Group Alert: Former PRISTIN Members to Re-Debut

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 06.05.19 | 09:26AM EDT

Following their disbandment late last month, former members of K-pop outfit PRISTIN — including Nayoung, Rose, Eunwoo, Yuna, Xiyeon, Rena, and Kyla — are reportedly having plans to re-debut as a new girl group.


New Kpop Idols Imerge with Different Genre "SUPERBAND"

Features 06.07.19 | 11:41AM EDT

Let's all be honest, when it comes to Korean music, the industry had been dominated by pop and the likes. There's no doubt that most fans are focused on Korean idols and how incredible and mesmerizing they perform on stage.

vixx leo

VIXX LEO Announces Solo Comeback, Collab with Maximillian Hecker

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 06.07.19 | 10:15AM EDT

VIXX's Leo has announced his first comeback as a soloist! Following his contract renewal under Jellyfish Entertainment, Leo has dropped a jam-packed schedule for his solo comeback. His second mini album named "MUSE" will be released on June 17, 2019, 6 PM (KST).

super junior

Super Junior Confirm Late 2019 Comeback Following Kyuhyun's MIlitary Discharge

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 06.06.19 | 01:24PM EDT

It's a good 2019 so far for E.L.Fs all across the globe! Following the discharge, the group's maknae, Kyuhyun, from the military last May 2019, all members of Super Junior have finished their military service.



Concert / Event 06.07.19 | 11:11AM EDT



YGX confirms Kwon Hyun Bin will Embark Solo Career

Headlines 06.05.19 | 09:07AM EDT

A year after the project group JBJ disbanded, Kwon Hyun Bin's agency YGX announced that he is debuting as a soloist.

Lay Zhang

Grand Line Concert of Lay Zhang Was Sold Out In A Minute

Concert / Event 06.21.19 | 03:33PM EDT

Tickets for EXO member Lay Zhang's first concert "Grand Line" in its Shanghai stop sold out in just eight seconds that even he himself could not book a ticket.


Lee Hi and iKon’s B.I Share More Information About “No One” and The Making of Its Music Video

Endorsement 06.06.19 | 01:01PM EDT

On June 1, 2019, Lee Hi introduced her new track, saying that it is inspired by Han Young Ae's "No One." Han Young Ae is considered the godmother of the Korean blues genre. She stated that there are instruments used that she had never had in any of her previous songs, so it has a fresh sound. She also explained that the video is about a person who thinks he is a human and acts like one, but is actually a cat.

BTS New Book Note 1

BTS Brings Home the Bacon for the 16th Time for “Boy With Luv”

Music Show / Music Chart 06.07.19 | 10:11AM EDT

BTS, or also called as Bangtan Sonyeondan, earns their sixteenth trophy on MBC's Music Core for the lead single entitled "Boy With Luv" that features American artist Halsey, who has been a fan of the boy band since 2017.


Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Makes It to the Top of Global iTunes Charts With Her Solo Album “A Walk To Remember”

Music Show / Music Chart 06.07.19 | 11:08AM EDT

Girls' Generation's YoonA's special solo album has been receiving lots of love from her fans all over the world!


TWICELIGHTS is finally happening in Manila, and Filipino ONCEs can’t get enough of it!

Concert / Event 06.05.19 | 10:10AM EDT

Endless videos of what seems to be very long lines of people are creative waves on social media, especially on Twitter. One user posted a picture of a long queue a day before the ticket selling. This just shows the power Twice have over the Philippines. Many fans were seen waving their cute, lit-up candy bongs while sitting and waiting for daybreak.


Stage K’s Contestants Shocked BLACKPINK With Their Performances

Music Show / Music Chart 06.08.19 | 10:43AM EDT

As YG Entertainment's girl group, Blackpink, recently finished their American Tour last May 10, they immediately flew back to South Korea the following day to shoot for some variety shows, and one of these is their appearance on Stage K that aired last June 2.es

Lee Hi returns with the chart-topping single,

Lee Hi Tops Realtime Charts with IKON’s B.I. Collab, ‘No One’

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 06.01.19 | 04:27PM EDT

R&B-soul singer Lee Hi has recently made a successful return to the music scene.

Following Xiumin’s enlistment last May 7, D.O. will become the second member of K-pop group EXO to serve in the military.

D.O. is the Second EXO Member to Enlist in the Military

Breaking News 05.31.19 | 09:14AM EDT

Following Xiumin’s enlistment last May 7, D.O. will become the second member of K-pop group EXO to serve in the military.

K-Pop Singer, Hyolyn To Meet Puma Cali Fans In April

Hyolyn's Comeback and Bully Rumor

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 05.31.19 | 09:09AM EDT

Kpop R&B artist, Hyolyn, is set to make another comeback and this time, she is hoping she will get the chance to collaborate with the American rapper, Cardi B. She said that she is a huge fan of Cardi B and that she has been listening to a lot of her music recently. She said that during her interview on Saturday at HallyuPopFest2019. Kim Hyo-Jung or better known as Hyolyn is known as the former member of a South Korean girl group, Sistar. They disband the year 2017 to which Hyolyn posted a handwritten letter telling her fans that she decided to leave her agency so she could set up her own agency. Since Hyolyn is expected to shine bright again this year, controversies and rumors started rising again. Just recently, an anonymous netizen claimed that she has been a victim of Hyolyn's bullying and sexual harassment. The accuser mentioned that Hyolyn would curse at her for no reason, beat her until she bleeds, stole things from her victims and a lot more. She also claimed that she has been a victim of Hyolyn's bullying for three years and was surprised she was even alive. She considers herself a survivor and demanded an apology from the singer. Hyolyn's agency said that they are confirming the facts first and is planning to meet up with the accuser but they released also a second statement saying that they will take this to legal court. The accuser sent a private message to Hyolyn asking her to apologize to her before she dies but the singer is said to be ignoring all her messages. That is why she took it to the public to probably get Hyolyn's full attention. The artist together with her agency decided to take legal action regarding this matter. They said that they would like to express their deepest regret with the media's action of reporting the victim's accusations without confirming the facts first. The agency claimed that the artist has been severely damaged due to this false rumors and because of this, they will not just sit down and watch Hyolyn being dragged into this mess. They will take legal actions to correct the issue but on May 28, a source said that after a long conversation, the two parties decided to settle the issue and just have a peaceful resolution.

Lee Hi first broke into the K-pop scene back in 2012 when she finished second place on SBS’ singing competition, “K-pop Star.”

Lee Hi to Release New EP ‘24℃’ this May

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 05.29.19 | 02:25PM EDT

Before the month ends, Korean R&B-soul act Lee Hi is set to drop her much-awaited comeback EP called “24℃.”

Song Joong Ki will top-bill South Korea's first sci-fi film,

Huayi Tencent Donates $4.2M to Sci-Fi Film Starring Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri

Breaking News 05.27.19 | 01:15PM EDT

Huayi Tencent Entertainment, a new media company headquartered in Hong Kong, has reportedly invested around $4.2 million (5 billion won) to the sci-fi film, “Lightning Ship.”

Yoona is dropping new music on May 30, coinciding with her birthday.

Girls Generation’s Yoona is Releasing New Music on Her Birthday

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 05.23.19 | 10:07AM EDT

Returning to the music scene on a sentimental note, Girls Generation’s Yoona is releasing a special album called “A Walk to Remember” on May 30 -- coinciding with her 29th birthday.

Minzy 2ne1

2NE1 Minzy's New Face

Headlines 05.23.19 | 10:04AM EDT

It is not a new story for the 2ne1 members to be involved in a plastic surgery issue but recent reports showed again another rumour with former 2ne1 member, Minzy about going under the knife.

Kim Go Eun is most recognized for her roles in the dramas “Goblin” and “Cheese In The Trap.”

Kim Go Eun Will Be Lee Min Ho’s Leading Lady in New Drama

Headlines 05.22.19 | 08:38AM EDT

Creating more hype for Lee Min Ho’s newest drama — his first since he returned from the military, versatile actress Kim Go Eun is confirmed to have been cast to play the small screen offering’s lead female role.


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