Lifestyle Magazine Clarifies Interview with f(x)'s Krystal

Lifestyle Magazine Clarifies Interview with f(x)'s Krystal

Interviews 08.19.19 | 07:16AM EDT

Roughly a couple of weeks ago, the lifestyle zine featured the idol-actress in celebration of her tenth anniversary in the industry. Krystal, who was only clad in oversized white coat and black trousers, looked elegant and sophisticated even sans other garments, fancy props, and lighting. Her pretty face and chic vibe, indeed, never did disappoint.


DAY6 Shares about Music, World Tour, and Worldwide Fans

Interviews 08.08.19 | 09:49PM EDT

In the music industry, the band earns the title "DAY6 that you trust and listen to." Young K commented on this questioning if they have released tracks that are that amazing. He also said, "It seems like our listeners will get hurt if that trust gets broken. We need to work hard in order not to break that trust." He even added that it is a source of motivation.


GOT7 BamBam Shares How He Was Mocked While He Was a Trainee

Interviews 07.31.19 | 10:04PM EDT

On June 29, JYP Entertainment boy group GOT7 had an interview with Teen Vogue. Each member was asked to create "The Playlist of Our Lives," and group member BamBam uncover some of the difficulties he encountered at the very beginning when he was still not a trainee nor an idol.


TXT Members Share Their First Impression of Each Other

Interviews 08.02.19 | 10:43PM EDT

TXT Members Soobin, Huening Kai, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Yeonjun revealed their first impression of each other. What could be those things? Find out below.

Goo Hye Sun

Goo Hye Sun's New Novel Contains Her Dating Stories

New Release 07.29.19 | 07:01PM EDT

The actress Go Hye Sun released a novel and it has her real love story chapters. Goo Hye Sun was interviewed at a café in Mapo, regarding her novel, Heart-shaped Tears on July 10th.

Minho and Taemin

SHINee's Minho Wanted to Settle Down and Start A Family Soon

Interviews 07.27.19 | 11:00AM EDT

Minho wanted to settle down and maybe start a family of his own. For sure, a lot of girls would be so thrilled to see who will be the lucky girl that will capture their Idol's heart.

What's New to 2019's KCON New York!

Interviews 07.18.19 | 09:22PM EDT

What's New to 2019's KCON New York!

BTS Wins Global Phenom

BTS's Personas and True Selves

Interviews 07.01.19 | 03:49PM EDT

People have more than one personality inside them and one of these personalities is neither less true nor fake than the others. Below is the revelation of BTS' persona and true selves.

Oh Sang Jin

Reporter Oh Sang Jin Talks About His Pregnant Wife

Interviews 07.18.19 | 01:51PM EDT

Reporter Oh Sang Jin talks about how his wife dreamt about her pregnancy and mentions BTS’s Jungkook is in it. A baby will always be a blessing from God. Babies help strengthen the family's relationship. When a child was born, the parents will feel nothing but happiness and joy.

Taking the role of Chief Brand Officer (CBO), Min Hee Jin will lead the rebranding efforts of Big Hit Entertainment.

Big Hit Entertainment’s Chief Brand Officer is a Former SM Entertainment Creative Director

Interviews 07.15.19 | 12:48PM EDT

Big Hit Entertainment is tapping the expertise and innovativeness of K-pop industry executive Min Hee Jin, a former creative director and board member of SM Entertainment. Taking the role of Chief Brand Officer (CBO), Hee Jin will lead the rebranding efforts of the agency, best known for forming and managing K-pop global superstars BTS.

Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel Now A CEO After Setting Up His Own Agency

Interviews 07.05.19 | 11:57AM EDT

Kang Daniel sets up one-man agency, to embark on a solo career. He wishes for his fans to look for his new journey in the music industry.


Sandara Park Revealed Dating History

Interviews 07.01.19 | 03:15PM EDT

Sandara spills dating history, tactics to keep the relationship uncaught. She goes from meeting in cars to not going out to eat and many more.

WINNER is back with a new EP titled

Winner Discloses Plans From 2019

Interviews 06.28.19 | 03:45PM EDT

WINNER plans to release another album this year. People cannot wait to hear what these group has in store for them.

THE BOYZ’ Open Press Conference In Singapore: Highlights

THE BOYZ’ Open Press Conference In Singapore: Highlights

Interviews 06.27.19 | 01:39PM EDT

THE BOYZ’ Open Press Conference In Singapore: Highlights

Lee Daehwi

Lee Daehwi of AB6IX Finally Opens Up

Interviews 06.24.19 | 04:12PM EDT

Some people have difficulties with sharing their feelings to others. This feeling is more common with men rather than women. They are afraid to open up because they feel vulnerable. They wanted to show how strong they are on the outside, that is why they keep everything inside.


Lee Hi Speaks Up About Her Long Hiatus and New Album

Interviews 06.11.19 | 01:26PM EDT

The YG entertainment singer/performer Lee Hi made a comeback after her three-year-long hiatus. Lee Ha-Yi is a 22-year-old South Korean singer and songwriter. She was also well known as the runner up of SBS K-pop star season 1. Her comeback song was entitled "No One" featuring iKON's B.I and mini album named "24°c".


DAY6 Shares About Their Music Style, Favorite Genres, Production Process, And More

Fashion & Style 06.17.19 | 08:21AM EDT

DAY6 had an interview with online music magazine IZM, where each member talked about their music genres, style of music, production process, and others.


How BTS Changed Me - a Fan's POV

Interviews 06.26.19 | 10:27AM EDT

There's no doubt that BTS had already made a name of their own. They dominate charts not only in Korea but in the whole world. They enter charts in the UK and even sweep numbers in America. Fans flock around them. They fill concert arenas all over the world; even Wimbley isn't an exception. They make girls swoon by their hip thrusts and raspy voices. They do wonders. They make history. They bet records and set new ones.


Yulhee Talks About Her Marriage, Husband and Future Dreams

Interviews 06.07.19 | 10:50AM EDT

Yulhee talks about her marriage, husband, and future dreams. Former LABOUM member Yulhee shared her thoughts during an interview with bnt. Yulhee told the story behind her first date with his husband Minwhan. "I actively asked him out first: At the time, my husband had a cold and uninterested reaction, but that actually came off as more charming to me, and I think that's how I fell for him", she said.

BTS Tour Dates

BTS and British Artists They Want To Team With Coldplay

Interviews 06.19.19 | 04:18PM EDT

Seems like there is something new for the BTS. They just cannot keep their popularity to Korea. They keep on soaring high and we are just so proud and excited to what more they can bring to the table.

Ladie's Code

Ladies’ Code Reveals Their Ideal Type, Mentions of Hoping to Work with BTS

Interviews 06.08.19 | 11:19AM EDT

Ladies' Code, a South Korean girl group under Polaris Entertainment, made their long-awaited comeback this year on May 16. On June 2, 2019, the girls introduced their latest title track entitled "Feedback" in an interview. The last time they released a song was in December 2018 with "The Last Holiday."

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