Review: Lovelyz Return With A Cure For Your Winter Blues On Their Uplifting New Single 'For You' [VIDEO]

New Release 12.16.15 | 04:48PM EST

South Korean girl group Lovelyz latest single "For You," released on Dec. 7, is a cheery mid-tempo slice of K-pop, driven by a peppy electro groove and an optimistic-feeling chorus.

Basterd Intro

Basterd Break New Ground In Korean Rap Scene With 'Intro'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.15.15 | 10:15AM EST

Get ready to listen to the strangest sounds in the world come together to make great music.

EXO Sing For You

EXO Give Fans A Holiday Treat With 'Sing For You' [Fan Review]

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.15.15 | 09:29AM EST

The SM Entertainment boy group returned on December 10 with a new holiday EP.


K-Pop Album Double Take: TWICE Attain Near Perfection On Their Debut EP 'The Story Begins' [VIDEO]

New Release 12.18.15 | 01:38PM EST

Though they were chosen from a group of previously unknown performers courtesy of the South Korean reality TV program "Sixteen," TWICE pull off an incredible feat on "The Story Begins," released Oct. 20.

album cover for Freelow's “Halftime Mixtape,” released Friday.

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Korean Rapper Freelow Keeps His Cool On 'To Hayden' From 'Halftime Mixtape' [AUDIO]

New Release 12.14.15 | 04:33PM EST

On "To Hayden," from Freelow's "Halftime Mixtape," (released Friday) the squarely quantized rhythm track creates the perfect sense of detachment and the springboard for Freelow's best performance on the album.

album cover for

Review: 'Show Me The Money 4' Finalist Innovator And Scary P Of High Flies Flow Over Gospel-Infused Post-Bop On 'iiF' [AUDIO]

New Release 12.11.15 | 05:45PM EST

"iiF" the latest single released Wednesday by Innovator, a semi-finalist on the fourth season of the rap competition "Show Me The Money," and Scary P of the group High Flies is a powerful and creative beat.

still from Haihm's

K-Pop Throwback: Examining The Magical Qualities Of Haihm's 2014 Single 'Bird No Singing' [VIDEO]

Hidden Treasures 12.10.15 | 05:46PM EST

In her riveting single from 2014, "Bird No Singing," Korean electronic producer Haihm uses technology and inginuity to make modern-day magic in her music.

DR. JART+ BB Mate Contouring 1.2.3 Kit review

K-Beauty Review [+VIDEO]: DR. JART+ BB Mate Contouring 1.2.3 Kit

Reviews 01.11.16 | 02:06PM EST

K-Beauty Review [+VIDEO]: DR. JART+ BB Mate Contouring 1.2.3 Kit

album cover for Wekeyz's

K-Pop Double Take: Korean Rapper Wekeyz Teams Up With Kirin And Hoody To Create A '90s Throwback With Some Class On 'Want Me Girl' [AUDIO]

New Release 12.09.15 | 07:35PM EST

A good example of the great results of a classic rap sound through a different cultural lens is "Want Me Girl," released Nov. 27 by Wekeyz and featuring vocalists Kirin and Hoody.

album cover for Kassy's

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Kassy Keeps It Sultry On Her Cool 2nd Single 'Ooh Ooh Ooh' Featuring Eluphant Of VIRUS [AUDIO]

New Release 12.07.15 | 03:36PM EST

Considering how few artists disappear after their first release, its exhilarating to see Kassy release another quality slow jam like "Ooh Ooh Ooh" featuring rapper Eluphant of the rap group VIRUS, released on Nov. 30.

Girls' Generation-TTS Dear Santa

Girls' Generation Trio TaetiSeo Give Us Warm And Sugary Holiday Feelings With 'Dear Santa'

New Release 12.06.15 | 04:47PM EST

A new album is working its way into K-pop fans' holiday music rotation.

album cover for Kim Park Chella's

Review: Kim Park Chella Strikes A Soulful Pose On 'Icecap' Featuring Esbee [AUDIO]

New Release 12.03.15 | 08:33PM EST

With achord progression straight out of Tin Pan Alley, a guitar part acknowledging Motown and Stax and a punchy drum beat that will shake you awake, Kim dials in the vibe immediately on "Icecap," released Monday.

Eastern Sidekick

K-Indie Spotlight: Exploring The Inner Workings Of Eastern Sidekick's 'Digger' [VIDEO]

New Release 12.04.15 | 02:03PM EST

On their latest single "Digger," released on Oct. 29 as part of their second full-length album, "Total Reflection," South Korean rockers Eastern Sidekick somehow simultaneously sound out-of-control and tightly wound.

Seo In Young SIY

Seo In Young Has An Identity Crisis With 'SIY'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.20.15 | 06:27PM EST

Grab your dancing shoes and turn to track two right away - the goddess of retro dance pop is back with an energetic new EP.

Green Club

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Korean Rap Group Green Club Keep Things Light And Jazzy On Their Name-Dropping New Single 'Studio' [VIDEO]

New Release 12.02.15 | 05:57PM EST

On the single "Studio," released on Tuesday, Green Club embody both the playful experimentation and laidback attitude of 1940s beboppers. The result is one of the year's best tracks.

K-pop boy band B.I.G. in the

K-Pop Double Take: Boy Band B.I.G Take Funk Into The Future On Their Latest Single 'Taola' [VIDEO]

New Release 12.02.15 | 08:11PM EST

"Taola," the latest single from the K-pop quintet B.I.G, released Nov. 11 on G.H. Entertainment, is a funky and futuristic single, full of cutting edge sonic details and one monster groove.

Royal Pirates 3.3

Korean-American Rock Band Royal Pirates Bring New Sound With Latest EP '3.3'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.06.15 | 02:53PM EST

The band's six-track EP includes some new elements to highlight their unique style.

cover of Psy's

Album Review: Psy Swings For The Fences On The '7th Album' His First Full-Length In Over 3 Years [AUDIO]

New Release 12.01.15 | 07:58PM EST

Instead, on his first full-length since July of 2012, the "7th Album," released Tuesday, Psy throws away the script and departs from the party atmosphere momentarily, in the interest of hammering home great hooks.

album cover for Nine Muses's

Review: Nine Muses Team Up With Brave Brothers To Produce Their Best Release Yet On 'Sleepless Night' From The 'Lost' EP [VIDEO]

New Release 11.25.15 | 06:26PM EST

On the new Nine Muses single "Sleepless Night," producer Brave Brother lands the singers in their sweet spot embodying both the detached cool of Lim Kim or IU with the powerful precision of Wonder Girls or 4Minute.

a scene from EXID's

K-Pop Double Take: EXID Return To Bring The Funk On Their New Single 'Hot Pink' [VIDEO]

New Release 11.25.15 | 04:56PM EST

Released Nov. 18 on record label Wellmade Yedang, "Hot Pink" is an uptempo party anthem indebted to the pantheon of modern party sounds from Missy Elliot to Funkadelic to The Backstreet Boys.

album cover for Risso's

Review: Risso Continues Her Inventive Run Of Electrofunk Releases On 'A Little Bit More' By Humming Urban Stereo's Z.LINN [AUDIO]

New Release 11.19.15 | 07:34PM EST

Written and produced by Humming Urban Stereo's Z.LINN "A Little Bit More," which came out Wednesday features the rich layers of vintage synthesizers and popping melodies that are the group's trademark.

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