NCT 127 - Neo-City World Tour Live in Newark

The Concept of NCT 127

Fashion & Style 06.19.19 | 04:15PM EDT

The newest, but not that new, boy group of SM Entertainment is NCT and this stands for Neo Culture Technology, which debuted last 2016. Though they are already in the K-pop industry for quite a while now and having tours across different countries, most of the people still haven't fully understand the concept behind this group, especially when this consists of different sub-units that has their own style and members.

NCT 127 - Neo-City World Tour Live in Newark

NCT 127 Changed their Hair Colors, and NCTzens are Loving It

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 06.11.19 | 01:21PM EDT

NCTzens were surprised with the new hair colors of most of the members of NCT 127 during their arrival at Los Angeles International Airport. Supposedly, the members were expected to visit Los Angeles due to their guesting on WAZZMATAZZ show with some notable artists such as Halsey and Ellie Goulding.


K-Pop Idols Won at 14th Annual Soompi Awards

Music Show / Music Chart 06.10.19 | 08:20PM EDT

Earlier March 2019, the mass voting for the 14th Annual Soompi Awards took place and every fandom of the nominated artists all did their best just to let their idols win; however, even if all of them gave their all in the online voting, there will only be 1 winner in every category.


K-pop Teen Choice Awards

Music Show / Music Chart 06.11.19 | 01:16PM EDT

As the annual Teen Choice Awards in FOX Television Network is about to take place within two months, their official twitter (@TeenChoiceFOX) already announced at exactly 12 midnight of June 4 that they will give the netizens a chance to nominate the deserving solo and group artists in a certain category they prefer.



Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 06.11.19 | 12:15PM EDT

In an unexpected move, SF9 dropped the first teaser for their 7th Mini Album, RPM, today, June 6, 2019. SF9's newest album is set for release on June 17, 2019 (Monday), 6 PM (KST). RPM marks the group's second comeback for 2019.


K-POP Concerts in Manila this 2019

Concert / Event 06.15.19 | 04:35PM EDT

When you're a K-Pop fan based in Manila, Philippines, having a good amount in your savings account is a must. That's because our favorite K-Pop groups (and they're a lot), always include Manila whenever they are on tour. We're not complaining, though. In fact, we are very much thankful.

BLACKPINK Lisa, Jisoo and Jennie are included in the top 5 list of the Most Beautiful Woman in the World

Blackpink Lisa Just Uploaded a New LiliFilm Video and ChaeSoo Fans are Celebrating

News 06.11.19 | 01:12PM EDT

Blackpink Lisa just uploaded an all-new video under her Youtube Account - LiliFilm Official and fans, especially the ChaeLisa shippers, can't get enough of it.


How BTS Changed Me - a Fan's POV

Interviews 06.26.19 | 10:27AM EDT

There's no doubt that BTS had already made a name of their own. They dominate charts not only in Korea but in the whole world. They enter charts in the UK and even sweep numbers in America. Fans flock around them. They fill concert arenas all over the world; even Wimbley isn't an exception. They make girls swoon by their hip thrusts and raspy voices. They do wonders. They make history. They bet records and set new ones.

Lee Sung Kyung is a model-turned-actress best known for her role in

Fans Can't Help But Revisit Lee Sung Kyung's Version of 'A Whole New World

News 06.08.19 | 11:46AM EDT

Lee Sung Kyung's cover of the Disney song "A Whole New World" resurfaces after the recent showing of the movie Alladin.


How Mental Health of Idols are Overlooked

Features 06.08.19 | 10:54AM EDT

Recently, the former girl band member KARA - Goo Hara, 28 - almost lost her life after a suicide attempt in her home in Gangnam District.

Stray Kids Unveil Tour Live in Newark, NJ

Stray Kids Prepares for June Comeback With Powerful Clé 2 Yellow Wood Trailer

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 06.08.19 | 10:52AM EDT

Get ready Stays! Stray Kids' comeback is just around the corner. On May 29, reports were stating that the group will be having their comeback in June.


Twice Concert is A Massive Success

Concert / Event 06.11.19 | 01:14PM EDT

On May 25 and 26, TWICE started "TWICELIGHTS," which the group's third world tour. They first held their concert at the KSPO Dome in Seoul, South Korea, which is the first stop of their 2019 world tour.

EXID is a K-pop quintet known for the hit song,

EXID Shows Gratefulness To Fans Through We Are Music Video

Endorsement 06.08.19 | 10:56AM EDT

On May 29, 2019, the Kpop girl group released an official MV for their fan song entitled "WE ARE.." The track is included in their latest mini album "We," which was issued on May 15 and is the last album that EXID will have as a full five-member group for a while.


B1A4's Sandeul Releases MV For New Title Track "One Fine Day"

News 06.11.19 | 12:10PM EDT

On April 7, Sandeul's agency WV Entertainment mentioned that he had made his way to Berlin, Germany for the filming of a music video for his upcoming song. They also said that Sandeul is busy making a new solo album, and plans to return in June.

SM Entertainment has confirmed the EXO members Chanyeol and Sehun will be debuting as the members of the newest subunit of the acclaimed boy group.

Chanyeol and Sehun to Debut as EXO’s First Duo Subunit

News 06.05.19 | 09:56AM EDT

After weeks of speculation, SM Entertainment has confirmed the EXO members Chanyeol and Sehun will be debuting as the members of the newest subunit of the acclaimed boy group -- the first duo to come from the nine-piece act.

PRISTIN has officially disbanded after debuting in 2017.

New Girl Group Alert: Former PRISTIN Members to Re-Debut

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 06.05.19 | 09:26AM EDT

Following their disbandment late last month, former members of K-pop outfit PRISTIN — including Nayoung, Rose, Eunwoo, Yuna, Xiyeon, Rena, and Kyla — are reportedly having plans to re-debut as a new girl group.


Yulhee Talks About Her Marriage, Husband and Future Dreams

Interviews 06.07.19 | 10:50AM EDT

Yulhee talks about her marriage, husband, and future dreams. Former LABOUM member Yulhee shared her thoughts during an interview with bnt. Yulhee told the story behind her first date with his husband Minwhan. "I actively asked him out first: At the time, my husband had a cold and uninterested reaction, but that actually came off as more charming to me, and I think that's how I fell for him", she said.


EXO Members Were Stunned After Watching Stage K Performances

Variety 06.07.19 | 11:04AM EDT

EXO Members Were Stunned After Watching Stage K Performances. After 5 months of being hiatus, EXO members finally guested in Stage K that will air this June 9, 2019, on JTBC. Though only 5 members were present in the TV show, they still enthusiastically judged and watched the performances of the talented EXO-Ls!


New Kpop Idols Imerge with Different Genre "SUPERBAND"

Features 06.07.19 | 11:41AM EDT

Let's all be honest, when it comes to Korean music, the industry had been dominated by pop and the likes. There's no doubt that most fans are focused on Korean idols and how incredible and mesmerizing they perform on stage.


K-pop, Not Just a Genre, It's More Than That

Buzz 06.07.19 | 10:35AM EDT

Korean Pop has always been regarded as merely a genre of music. In a time where Kpop is fastly dominating the world, it is essential that we learn and realize what this revolution is all about.


Kim Jennie and the Hate She Gets

Issues 06.08.19 | 11:43AM EDT

Despite being so loved in Korea, considering how she topped the Brand Reputation Rankings for female idols for five months in a row, Kim Jennie still gets most of the hate out of the quartet of the hot K-pop girl group, BLACKPINK.


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