An Honest Review of Arthdal Chronicles Premiere

New Release 06.12.19 | 11:42AM EDT

An honest review of Arthdal Chronicles Premiere. Here are the top 3 likes and hates for me.


Tips for Achieving Glass Skin from Your Favorite K-pop stars

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 06.12.19 | 11:19AM EDT

Korean Skincare products used by Kpop Idols was popular these days, especially how to achieve glass skin among fans. See below beauty regimen and see for your self.


11 Reasons Why BTS's Jin Truly Owned the Worldwide Handsome Title

Reviews 06.17.19 | 09:51AM EDT

All the members of BTS agree that Jin is extremely good-looking. Fans are calling Jin the "worldwide handsome" and there is no doubt about that. Everybody believes Jin is beautiful inside and outside. His qualities are almost perfect and these make girls go crazy for him. Here are 11 reasons why Jin is truly worldwide handsome.


How a BTS and BLACKPINK Collab Can Ruin the World

News 06.15.19 | 04:18PM EDT

In this generation where Korean groups are undeniably dominating the music world, sometimes we can't help to think about the peak of until how much can Kpop achieve, especially if we're talking about dominating even the Western market.



Old K-Pop 06.14.19 | 10:13AM EDT

K-pop has become uniquely popular nowadays. Because of its addicting melodies with inspiring lyrics, outstanding choreography, and production quality, and with stunning, charismatic artists who spend years of training, that it became known worldwide.


Onto the KPOP Express

News 06.24.19 | 03:51PM EDT

Ever wondered why a lot of people are so enthralled with KPOP, especially the group idols? We live in an era where everything could be accessed through a good internet connection. As days go by, we become more aware of the recent happenings globally and one of the most commonly known phenomena is the KPOP scene. But why are people of any gender and age so drawn to the concept of Koreans singing and dancing on stage?


Super Rookie AB6IX Receives Their First Ever Win

Music Show / Music Chart 06.21.19 | 03:43PM EDT

With a total of 8,190 points, rookie group AB6IX bagged their first win with their stellar debut song "Breathe" on SBS' The Show, June 4, 2019. Competing with their senior groups CLC and Lovelyz, these astonishing boys no doubt made their very own history.


Shipping Culture in Fandoms

Fashion & Style 06.14.19 | 10:15AM EDT

For most Kpop fans, the shipping of idols whether boy to girl, girl to girl and boy to boy, is no longer an unfamiliar culture. It has become a phenomenon that most fans either enjoys or despises. It has become a concept that slowly plays an essential role in fandom activities.


Survival Shows: A Trend for Producing the Next K-pop Superstars

Stars on TV / Movies 06.12.19 | 11:30AM EDT

In recent years, many up-and-coming K-Pop groups are formed through survival programs. These shows have become a trend in Korean entertainment to discover new aspiring idols and debut them either in a temporary or permanent group. Survival Programs open doors for trainees to promote themselves to the public as well as those already debuted idols who barely got recognition.

PRISTIN has officially disbanded after debuting in 2017.

Former Pristin Members Will Not Form a New Girl Group

Breaking News 06.17.19 | 08:56AM EDT

Following the news on their disbandment, there have been rumors that some of the former members of girl group, Pristin, will form a new girl group under a new agency.

Lee Daehwi

Lee Daehwi of AB6IX Finally Opens Up

Interviews 06.24.19 | 04:12PM EDT

Some people have difficulties with sharing their feelings to others. This feeling is more common with men rather than women. They are afraid to open up because they feel vulnerable. They wanted to show how strong they are on the outside, that is why they keep everything inside.

Chansung, the

Chansung Starts Military Service, 2PM Members Send Him Off

News 06.19.19 | 04:16PM EDT

More and more K-pop idols are enlisting in the military this year. Following Junho's enlistment last May 30, fellow 2PM member Chansung has officially began serving the army last June 11, Tuesday.

GOT7 is gearing up for a comeback this May.

Concert and Charity: GOT7 Invites Children with Critical Illnesses to Their Tour

News 06.14.19 | 08:53AM EDT

South Korean boy band GOT7's newest project will make their forthcoming "Keep Spinning" world tour more noble and memorable.

K-pop act TWICE is dominating the music scene in Japan with the release of their back-to-back Japanese singles,

TWICE Drops MVs for Chart-topping Japanese Singles, ‘Happy Happy’ and ‘Breakthrough’

News 06.12.19 | 11:28AM EDT

K-pop act TWICE is dominating the music scene in Japan with the release of their back-to-back Japanese singles, “Happy Happy” and “Breakthrough” on June 11.


What K-drama to Watch Based on Your Relationship

K-Drama 06.14.19 | 10:12AM EDT

K-dramas are stress relievers for everyone. Have you binge-watch any k-drama? Their stories will take you to the life of different characters. K-dramas have life lessons and quotes that will give you life inspiration. K-dramas will inspire you to keep believing that your life will have a happy ending too.

Black Pink Kill This Love

Amazingly Epic Moments After BLACKPINK's "Stage K" Appearance

Concert / Event 06.14.19 | 09:29AM EDT

After Blackpink proved themselves being a legend in the K-POP scene by the official having the "Most Subscribed Youtube Channel" as of June 1, another amazingly epic moments are shared on stage.


Fans are shocked over CL's latest feature song and video view count!

Hot Issues 06.11.19 | 09:56PM EDT

Fans are shocked over CL's latest feature song and video view count!


2PM's Chansung Serenades Fans Ahead of Enlistment Date

News 06.12.19 | 11:39AM EDT

Loyal fans didn't want to miss the bittersweet concert of 2PM vocalist Hwang Chan-sung, the last two-day show the idol-actor held before he officially enlists in the military on June 11. The concert titled TMC: Too Much Transformation, transpired at Yes 24 Live Hall in Seoul on June 1, ten days before he enters the military base.


South Korean Music Website Melon is Being Investigated for Embezzlement

Issues 06.24.19 | 03:42PM EDT

Investigators are currently scrutinizing South Korea's largest music streaming site Melon after it was alleged to have embezzled millions of dollars in royalties. Reports stated that the firm has stolen huge chunks of royalty fees from copyright holders through a ghost music company called LS Music, which was established around 2009 to 2011.

Shin Min Ah is set to return to the small screen with JTBC's upcoming political drama,

Shin Min-ah Excites Audiences with Stills from New Political Drama

K-Drama 06.14.19 | 10:18AM EDT

Stills from the forthcoming JTBC political drama "Advisor" that will be headlined by Shin Min-ah recently surfaced on the web, swooning and augmenting our excitement. The 35-year-old actress is set to capture the viewers with a brand new character as a newly-elected assemblywoman, following her role in the 2017 fantasy-drama "Tomorrow With You."

EXO is set to perform at the 2019 SBS Super Concert in Hong Kong.

EXO's Suho's Dial Tone Service for DIMF Sold Out Quickly

News 06.14.19 | 08:55AM EDT

"EXO's Suho, who is loved all over the world, is expected to maximize its synergy by participating as DIMF's goodwill ambassador and as a musical actor," he said. "We want to make DIMF a cultural industry brand representing South Korea. We want the festival to have even more interest and participation with the help of Suho."

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