Yang Hyunsuk is Reportedly Highly Involved in Illegal Works

Scandals 08.05.19 | 05:29AM EDT

On June 14, 2019, Yang Min Suk, brother of Hyun Suk, announced Yang Hyun Suk's decision to resign as a CEO and his other positions in the company, which is due to the recent issues like the Burning Sun scandal and other accusations.


Netizens Find ITZY's Yuna and RED VELVET's Joy Perfect to Be Disney Princess Ariel

Trends 08.05.19 | 05:23AM EDT

Recently, the public was talking about female K-Pop artists that look like Little Mermaid, also known as Ariel. They have chosen two female idols, and both of them would make a beautiful princess if they are to be cast to play the role of Ariel.


Everything You Need to Know About G-Dragon's Military Life

K-POP 08.05.19 | 05:32AM EDT

G-Dragon's regular day is far more different from his daily life in the Korean army. It is not like being an idol, because in the army G-Dragon has more strict rules to follow.

YoonA and Jo Jung Suk's

YoonA and Jo Jung Suk’s ‘E.X.I.T’ is a Certified Blockbuster Hit

Movies 08.05.19 | 05:27AM EDT

Hallyu stars YoonA and Jo Jung Suk’s first-ever movie team-up proved to be a huge hit! According to the Korean Film Council, their disaster-comedy film “E.X.I.T.” topped the local box office on the week of its release.

Source Music is now a subsidiary of Big Hit Entertainment.

Source Music, Now a Subsidiary of Big Hit Entertainment

Trends 08.05.19 | 05:19AM EDT

Record label Source Music, home to girl group GFRIEND, is now a subsidiary of Big Hit Entertainment — the agency behind K-pop superstars BTS and monster rookie group TXT. In a statement, Big Hit said that the driving force behind them acquiring the company is their “shared philosophy” when it comes to managing and promoting their artists.


IZ*ONE Won Young Catches the Attention of the Netizens with Recent Instagram Posts

News 07.31.19 | 09:58PM EDT

On July 9, Won Young is one of the IZ*ONE members who uploaded pictures, showing their leisure time in the United States after the "KCON 2019 New York," on their official Instagram account. Because of her undeniably stunning visual, the idol's photos garnered loads of compliments from the fans.


GOT7 BamBam Shares How He Was Mocked While He Was a Trainee

Interviews 07.31.19 | 10:04PM EDT

On June 29, JYP Entertainment boy group GOT7 had an interview with Teen Vogue. Each member was asked to create "The Playlist of Our Lives," and group member BamBam uncover some of the difficulties he encountered at the very beginning when he was still not a trainee nor an idol.


TXT Members Share Their First Impression of Each Other

Interviews 08.02.19 | 10:43PM EDT

TXT Members Soobin, Huening Kai, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Yeonjun revealed their first impression of each other. What could be those things? Find out below.


VIXX's N Drops Surprising Teaser While on Military Service

Headlines 07.31.19 | 10:15PM EDT

On June 29 at midnight KST, a photo teaser was uploaded on VIXX's Twitter account with a caption stating that N himself (Cha Hak Yeon) was the one who designed it. The image includes letters that when put together, read "투닥" (Tudak). As a result, many fans think that the teaser hints that N's self-composed track entitled "Tudak Tudak" is nearing its official release.

Cha Eunwoo

Netizens Comment That Cha Eunwoo's Facial Expressions Are Awkward

K-Drama 08.02.19 | 10:11PM EDT

Cha Eunwoo, dubbed as "the genius of faces" because of his undeniably handsome face, is currently being examined by netizens in terms of his facial expressions whenever he acts. Though the netizens do not wholly express their hate towards the artist, instead they merely show their dissatisfaction in his acting skills.

The Show

Monster Rookies CIX Takes their First Win with Debut Song 'Movie Star'

Headlines 07.31.19 | 09:59PM EDT

Monster Rookies CIX Takes their First Win with Debut Song 'Movie Star'


'Produce X 101' Trainee Lee Hyeop Joins Woollim Entertainment!

Concert / Event 07.31.19 | 10:17PM EDT

The days following the finale of Produce X 101 can be described most accurately by a strange state of ~limbo~. Fans still aren’t quite sure what to do with their Friday nights if not spent huddled over a stream of the latest episode.


DAY6 Announces Upcoming World Tour: ‘GRAVITY IN USA'

News 08.01.19 | 09:53PM EDT

If you ask any MyDay what their favorite day is, they'll probably answer you cheekily with, "Day6!" Fortunately for them, that day is actually coming - Day6 is heading on tour with their 'DAY6 WORLD TOUR 'GRAVITY IN USA' this September!

Lay Honey

EXO's Lay Shows Off Sharp yet Fluid Dance Movements in "Honey" Dance Practice Video

New Release 07.31.19 | 10:20PM EDT

It's been weeks since EXO's Lay unveiled his EP "Honey," yet it was just recently that the supergroup's main dancer and Mandopop star dropped the video of his dance practice to the album's titular title track. Clad in all white from head to toe and with the presence of six backup dancers, Lay, as always, showed off his sharp yet fluid movements while dancing to the well-praised track.

Jackson Wang

Got7's Jackson Declared as the Newest Face of Cartier Global

Endorsement 07.29.19 | 06:47PM EDT

Suffice it to say that Jackson Wang has it all - member of one of K-Pop's biggest boy bands Got7, multi-awarded star as an individual, rapper, singer, dancer, multilingual, and TV host - not to mention he has a fanciable face and built. All in all, these are the factors why it didn't come too much of a surprise when he was chosen by Cartier Global as its new ambassador.


Tears Emerge as iKON Holds First Concert Without Former Leader B.I.

Concert / Event 07.29.19 | 11:30PM EDT

It was undeniably an emotional day for iKONics. On July 27, the now sextet South Korean boy band held its first concert without their former leader B.I., making fans succumb to tears. The group and their concert in Fukuoka, Japan also dominated the worldwide trending charts, an impregnable factor of iKON's impact to their fans and of B.I.'s departure.

Park Seo Joon will be back on the big screen on July 31!

Park Seo Joon Launches Own Youtube Channel

Endorsement 07.31.19 | 10:00PM EDT

Park Seo Joon just opened his own Youtube channel to be closer to his fans around the world. On Saturday, July 27, the South Korean actor announced this newly-launched page on his official Instagram page.


Top 8 K-Dramas that are Based on Time Travel

K-Drama 07.29.19 | 06:54PM EDT

What are the top 8 K Dramas that are about time travel? Below are the list of those K Dramas.


Kangin announced his Departure from Super Junior

Breaking News 07.29.19 | 11:26PM EDT

Kangin took a break on Instagram for approximately 8 months, but on July 11, 2019, his 1st post contained sad news. He made an announcement of withdrawing from Super Junior, which was his group for 14 long years.


8 Places to Visit in Seoul If You Love K-Dramas

K-Drama 07.31.19 | 10:03PM EDT

There are many memorable places in Seoul that can be seen from your favorite KDramas. Where are those places and from what KDrama? Let's find out.


ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo to Hold First Fan Meeting Tour in Asia

News 07.29.19 | 06:58PM EDT

On Thursday, July 25, Fantagio announced that the idol-actor and ASTRO's center and vocalist Cha Eun Woo is set to hold his first-ever fan meeting tour in Asia this year. The tour will kick-off in Hong Kong on October 19, then in Taipei on October 20. The third stop is in Bangkok, which is on October 23, whilst he will be in Manila on October 27 and in Kuala Lumpur the day after.


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