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News 07.02.19 | 06:18AM EDT

Don't Miss Out & Join Our KCON Live Stream Event!

Sulli debuts as a solo artist with

Sulli To Make A Comeback As A Solo Artist At The End Of June

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 07.15.19 | 11:57AM EDT

Sulli is coming back with a solo track. It is expected to released at the end of June. Her fans cannot wait to see her perform once again.

Stray Kids Unveil Tour Live in Newark, NJ

Stray Kids' "Side Effects" Wows Viewers with Its Astounding Performance Video

New Release 07.17.19 | 10:28AM EDT

Stray Kids has released a striking performance video for their most recent title song! Their viewers are amazed on the performace video.


Bigbang's Fantastic Baby Hits 400 Million Views

News 07.18.19 | 01:22PM EDT

Congratulations to BIGBANG for achieving another YouTube milestone! BIGBANG's "Fantastic Baby" Hits 400 Million Views and Becomes Their First to Reach That Feat.

Sung Hoon

The Popular Actor Sung Hoon Confessed About His Massive Debt

News 07.15.19 | 12:07PM EDT

Debt will tempt you to spend a lot of money on things that you cannot afford. You may feel ecstatic when swiping your credit card and shopping luxury items.

BTS Wins Global Phenom

BTS's Personas and True Selves

Interviews 07.01.19 | 03:49PM EDT

People have more than one personality inside them and one of these personalities is neither less true nor fake than the others. Below is the revelation of BTS' persona and true selves.

Oh Sang Jin

Reporter Oh Sang Jin Talks About His Pregnant Wife

Interviews 07.18.19 | 01:51PM EDT

Reporter Oh Sang Jin talks about how his wife dreamt about her pregnancy and mentions BTS’s Jungkook is in it. A baby will always be a blessing from God. Babies help strengthen the family's relationship. When a child was born, the parents will feel nothing but happiness and joy.

K-pop boy band iKON is set to perform at the 2019 Head in the Cloud Music and Arts Festival.

iKon's B.I.'s 11 Most Emotional Lyrics Written

News 07.15.19 | 12:46PM EDT

B.I. writes songs to show that music knows no boundaries when it comes to lyrics. Music keeps us united through shared emotions and feelings, regardless of language or culture.

Taking the role of Chief Brand Officer (CBO), Min Hee Jin will lead the rebranding efforts of Big Hit Entertainment.

Big Hit Entertainment’s Chief Brand Officer is a Former SM Entertainment Creative Director

Interviews 07.15.19 | 12:48PM EDT

Big Hit Entertainment is tapping the expertise and innovativeness of K-pop industry executive Min Hee Jin, a former creative director and board member of SM Entertainment. Taking the role of Chief Brand Officer (CBO), Hee Jin will lead the rebranding efforts of the agency, best known for forming and managing K-pop global superstars BTS.

GFriend 2nd Album

Gfriend Announces Summer Comeback

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 07.17.19 | 10:29AM EDT

Hey Buddies! Feel the fever because it's officially the GFRIEND season! GFRIEND will make their summer comeback with their seventh mini-album "Fever Season".

BTS Wins Global Phenom

BTS Dominated The Youtube Once Again

Music Show / Music Chart 07.17.19 | 10:33AM EDT

MIC DROP remix which the boys performed in last 2017's MAMA is probably one of the most revisited MAMA performance ever. Not only it was raw, but it was the year when BTS just performed in American Music Awards with their hit song, DNA.

BTS Tour Dates

BTS at Wembley Concert

News 07.15.19 | 12:40PM EDT

BTS ‘s RM showed his support for soccer player Son Heung Min during their Wembley Concert. BTS had proven how immense their popularity is even being able to perform in Wembley stadium, having their performance televised live for the world to see.

Stray Kids Unveil Tour Live in Newark, NJ

Straykids and Why You Should Start Stanning Them

News 07.18.19 | 01:18PM EDT

This article will tell you the reason why Straykids are worth stanning for. They surely provide us great talents and visuals now, let us know more why they are worth our attention.


What Does The Older Generation Think About Kpop

Reviews 07.18.19 | 01:11PM EDT

Kpop is widely appreciated by all fans from around the world but, what are the opinions of the older generation? Do they think people are just hype about Kpop because it is trending or is their music really just that catchy and pleasing that even if others do not understand it, they still like it.

CNBLUE's Jungshin

CNBLUE's Jungshin's photograph nominated at 2019 International Network of Street Paper Awards

News 07.01.19 | 04:21PM EDT

What started out as a hobby, CNBLUE's Lee Jung Shin is now making a name for himself as a photographer. Let us know what he has to say about his new achievement.

KWMF 2019

Five Things We Loved About #KWMF2019 In Manila

Concert / Event 07.03.19 | 08:34PM EDT

Since Kpop music is highly appreciated by the Filipino fans, The KWMF2019 in Manila is surely a success. Below are the highlights of what happend in the event.


Kpop Groups Who Received Awards from Gaon

Music Show / Music Chart 07.05.19 | 12:30PM EDT

BTS Is First to Earn Triple Million Certification on Gaon, While TWICE, BLACKPINK And GOT7 Receive Platinum.

BTS Members

BTS Songs Included On NASA’s Moon Tunes

Trending News 07.05.19 | 12:08PM EDT

BTS's popularity is now out of the world, literally! It looks like the astronauts will be jamming to the songs of the biggest Korean boy group today on their way back to the moon five years from now.


TXT as the First KPOP Group to Perform at the Wango Tango Festival

Music Show / Music Chart 07.05.19 | 12:12PM EDT

KPOP Boy Group TXT Makes History for Being the First KPOP Group to Perform at the Wango Tango Festival. TXT or the Tomorrow X Together is a five member South Korean boy band under Big Hit Entertainment debuted in the early months of 2019.

Blackpink performs at Coachella

Blackpink Ranks Number 1 For Brand Value Rankings in June

Music Show / Music Chart 07.03.19 | 08:36PM EDT

After reaching an impressive milestone for having the most number of subscribers from any Korean channel on YouTube for over 26 million subscribers, BLACKPINK also recently got the number 1 spot for brand value rankings in June 2018.


EXO's Baekhyun Posted His 5th vlog on YouTube

SNS 07.01.19 | 04:22PM EDT

For the past 7 years of EXO in the K-pop industry, only 3 members have created a YouTube account. Last 2017, Chanyeol first made a YouTube channel and the fans were rejoicing about it since they'll able to see more of their idol's daily activities.


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